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A couple of potty training questions/opinions

We started a few months ago, and I was going to do the hardcore 3 day method. That didn't work because a day and a half in DS got a stomach bug and was throwing up for two days. I sort of just put it on the back burner and left it alone. 

Then about 2 weeks ago he started asking to use the potty. He's been going every day now as soon as he wakes up, and then several times through the day. I don't think he has had a single wet diaper today. We use a potty seat on the toilet, and my mom and MIL have bought ones for their houses too (they babysit him once or twice a week). He is doing great. Even pooping.

A couple of questions though: 
1) We started off giving him a piece of candy when he went on the potty (he gets one mike&ike, nothing huge) but now as soon as he starts to pee he says "CANDY!" How long do we let that go on?

2) What do we do when we are out and about and they don't have potty seats? He is so little I don't know if he can do a regular toilet yet...

3) He still sleeps in his crib, and I assume it will be a bit before he starts going on his own at night, right? I'm in no hurry to ditch the crib since he doesn't try to climb out at all and he is a really good sleeper (12+ hours at night and a 2.5 hour afternoon nap)

4) When do we get brave enough to wear underwear out of the house?



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Re: A couple of potty training questions/opinions

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    We are in the midst of potty training as well.  Our DD is our first, so these may not be the "correct" answers but here is what is working for us.


    1) We are using stickers for rewards....but she was really only interested in a reward for the first 2 weeks, now a high five and a big hug is sufficient. We talk a lot about what a big girl she is and how proud of her we are when she goes successfully on the potty.

    2) We take her potty seat with us when we are out and about and leave it in the back of the car (we have an SUV).  She typically will go on her potty seat in the car when we get to where we are going and again before we leave.  While we are there I do try to take her to the regular bathroom (only once or twice have we had success though, usually we get in there and she changes her mind).  I also put one of those doggie pee pads under her in the car seat (I know it sounds dumb but it has saved a great deal of washing the carseat cover).

    3) DD is also still in a crib at 25 months.  She doesn't try to climb out and is a great sleeper so we see no need to change this arrangement just yet.  I nap and sleep her in a diaper for the time being.  Not sure when this will change as she is typically still wet/dirty when she wakes up.

    4) Once we switched to panties we didn't look back (except for naps and nighttime).  We go bare bottom at home and with panties and pants when we're out and about.  There are accidents but we just come prepared with lots of wipes and several changes of clothes.  I don't see how she is supposed to learn to go on the potty if I continue to put her in a diaper...to me it just seems like it would be confusing for her.   


    We have good days and bad days.  And those answers are just my 2 cents.  Hope it helps and good luck :)    

  • 1. I would keep up the candy for awhile, until he really gets PT down. Especially since it's only 1 little candy.

    2. We used a potty chair for the first month or so with DD but then switched to this http://www.amazon.com/Bemis-1583SLOW-Elongated-NextStep-Closing/dp/B004CT50UA/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1373565440&sr=8-8&keywords=potty+insert.

    DD got used to it really quick. And now when we are out and about, she can just use a regular toilet.  I hold her up because she's so small, but it works.

    3. Yes it will probably be awhile before he's potty trained at night. DD is almost always dry in the morning, but we still put her in a diaper for night time and she is still in a crib. 

    4. A lot of people say just switch right to underwear and don't go back. We didn't do that. We took PTing very slowly. So we are just now starting to go out places in underwear. DD's been in underwear at home for awhile and done great, but she gets distracted when we are out and about. TBH, I get distracted too and forget to ask her "do you need to go potty?".

    Also, I am still learning where all the bathrooms are.  She can't hold it for a long time, so when she says she has to go, I feel like I am rushing to find the nearest potty. But I am learning where they all are so I can be ready.

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  • 1. you can let it go on until he is completely trained, even after that

     2. this is what we did , it folds up in  to 4 and fits in a purse http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/b0040bzwelsr/

    3. Once my dd was potty trained she stopped peeing at night too 

    4.Usually 3 days after you have completely taken the diaper away and not reverted back to diapers. If he is not getting the hang of it by then, give him a couple more days, but don't revert back...no matter what! 

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