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Trust your instincts (PP/D&C related)

After giving birth, I bled pretty heavily at first and then after 1.5 weeks it tapered off and for the next almost two weeks all I had was discharge- no blood whatsoever.

Then, for the last five days, suddenly I began to pass large clots and I was bleeding gushes of blood daily, mostly at night in the middle of the night when I wake up to pump or during pumping.

I called the nurse at my OB's practice the first time I felt the gushes of blood and she said it was normal to bleed like that, even at 5 weeks PP and to only call if I was soaking a pad an hour.

Last night at 3:30 am while pumping for my sweet baby girl, I felt  a huge clot pass and then I started to gush blood very heavily. I had to stop pumping, jump out of bed (I was wearing a heavy pad as I had bled like this for a few nights) and run to the bathroom where I passed another clot. There was blood dripping all over my carpets, tile and down my legs.

My husband told me I had to call the emergency OB line and that this kind of gushing can't be normal. I finally called and the OB on call told me to go to the hospital where I delivered our baby to be assessed. I continued to pass clots and gushes of blood while there, periodically (I was also pumping while at the hospital since I was away from the baby).

It turns out when I had an u/s that they did find tissue still in my uterus. I had to have a D&C surgery today to get it out.  

Moral of the story: sometimes, you have to go with your gut. If you just know something is wrong or "off" it might be your instincts telling you that something is very wrong.

Thanks for reading... 

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