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FF Extended my fertile week

I'm not complaining, I'm just curious. I have the free account, if that helps.

I do chart my BBT and nothing significant has happened yet. Before tonight, my predicted ovulation dates were June 25-July 1. My BBT was already plugged in today. All I did was check the intercourse/insemination thing. Then my calendar updated and now my ovulation week is June 25-July 6. Also, my expected menstrual dates are now 10 days long instead of 4 or 5.

Am I missing something? This has never happened before. There were times I didn't ovulate, but my FF site didn't update and add more days before.

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Re: FF Extended my fertile week

  • image Beth&Derek:

    It's probably because today is already July 3rd and it's not detecting ovulation yet. Your FW can't have ended two days ago if you haven't ovulated yet.

    As far as the the period dates, FF is only guessing when it'll be. Because it predicted that you would've ovulated already and you haven't yet, it's trying to adjust when your period might start.

    All of this.

    It takes FF a while to learn your cycles, but that's good. It means that it's actually making predictions based on how your body works, not just using random "averages" to tell you when you might be fertile. 

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  • ALE515ALE515
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    Oh great then! Thanks for the replies. This all makes sense, I was just surprised to see it change.
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