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~*~Wednesday Ticker Change~*~

Noticed there was no ticker change today, so I hope y'all don't mind that I am posting it!


Week/Fruit Size?

Symptoms Rants/Raves?

Next Dr. Appointment?

GTKY:  Favorite 4th of July memory? 

Re: ~*~Wednesday Ticker Change~*~

  • Week/Fruit Size?  28/Eggplant

    Symptoms Rants/Raves?  Feeling great overall, just leg numbness

    Next Dr. Appointment?  Had my 28 week today w/1hr GD test, next appt. 7/17

    GTKY:  Favorite 4th of July memory?   Being in Washington DC when my husband and I were engaged watching the fireworks over the Washington Monument, such a beautiful site!

  • Week/Fruit Size? 29, butternut squash
    Symptoms Rants/Raves? My hips/pelvis are starting to hurt again after feeling good for a while, but I'm so happy every time my little man moves, so nothing is ever too bad
    Next Dr. Appointment? I had one this morning, failed my 1 hr GD test. Boo. Next one is in 3 weeks.
    GTKY: Favorite 4th of July memory? Marrying my best friend 4 years ago
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  • Week/Fruit Size? 28 weeks / Eggplant

    Symptoms Rants/Raves? Getting more and more BH's this weeks. It takes awhile for me to get comfortable before sleeping

    Next Dr. Appointment? Next Tuesday!

    GTKY:  Favorite 4th of July memory? Nothing really stands out from one year to the next.

  • Week/Fruit Size?      29 weeks - Acorn Squash

    Symptoms Rants/Raves?  Morning sickness (still)

    Next Dr. Appointment?  On my bday July 11th

    GTKY:  Favorite 4th of July memory? Last year was great, we went to my grandmothers and just had a great family gathering and watched the fireworks by the lake

    Son is 10 yrs old

    Daughter is 8 yrs old

    Son is Due Sept 18, 2013



    Week/Fruit Size? 29 / Acorn Squash

    Symptoms Rants/Raves? Feeling good... Passed my none fasting GD test with an 84!! Woohoo!!

    Next Dr. Appointment? July 12 

    GTKY:  Favorite 4th of July memory? Watching the Macy's 4th of July fireworks display in Hoboken (NJ) with my DH and a large group of friends... 2008 maybe? We packed our " to go" cups and had a blast!!

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  • Week/Fruit Size?  31 weeks/pineapple

    Symptoms Rants/Raves?  Just getting harder to move around.  I feel huge this week.

    Next Dr. Appointment?  Next Thursday - I have my first BPP u/s and my 32 week check-up.

    GTKY:  Favorite 4th of July memory? One year I went to my college roommate's in-laws house on a lake.  It was just a fun weekend.  I've never been a big 4th of July celebrator so don't have a lot to work with :)

    Me: 41 DH: 37 - AMA, DOR
    BFP 2.12.2012, c/p 2.17.2012
    IUIs 1-3 = BFFN :(
    IVF #1 - Sept 2012 = BFFN :(
    IVF #2 - Dec 2012 = BFP!! EDD 9/4/2013
    Beta #1 = 107, Beta #2 = 4,650!! U/S 1/15/2013
    Everyone welcome!
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  • Week/Fruit Size? 30 weeks cucumber

    Symptoms Rants/Raves? Eh, just regular feeling like a big ball of pregnancy poop. I'm happy this is almost over.

    Next Dr. Appointment? Friday

    GTKY: Favorite 4th of July memory?
    I don't really have one. It is probably one of the many I spent with my mom at the lake.

    Married 8/26/2011
    S 5/26/2012 E 8/16/2013  

    Week/Fruit Size? 29 weeks, acorn squash

    Symptoms Rants/Raves? Can't ever find a comfortable position

    Next Dr. Appointment? Next tuesday

    GTKY:  Favorite 4th of July memory? when I was younger, we would go to the top of one of the tallest buildings in our city right by where they'd set the fireworks off to watch them.

    DS 10/19/09

    DD 3/14/11

    BFP 8/8/12 EDD 4/20/13 MMC @ 9+ wks D&C 9/27/12

    DS2 9/12/13


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  • Week/Fruit Size? 28 weeks/eggplant

    Symptoms Rants/Raves? It's starting to hurt when she moves a lot she likes putting something up under my ribs and sitting on my sciatic nerve and the horrible heartburn acid I wake up choking on now but one good rave my hair looks fabulous!

    Next Dr. Appointment? July 16th a 4d ultrasound and regular 30 week appt

    GTKY: Favorite 4th of July memory? Sitting out with my mom dad and five sisters when I was 8ish and our dog chased the fireworks or chased what he could attacked the rest lol
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  • kerip5kerip5
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    Week/Fruit Size? 28 weeks, eggplant... although the email from Pregnant Chicken says chihuahua which I think is infintey more hilarious

    Symptoms Rants/Raves? Failed my 1 hour GD test so I go in tomorrow for the 3 hour, boo. Here's hoping I pass that one. 

    Next Dr. Appointment? July 25

    GTKY:  Favorite 4th of July memory? One year we were traveling in England and came across a parade. So much fun and a little taste of home! 

    married 6.17.06
    daughter born 9.27.13
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