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I've measured big at my last 2 appointments 26 cm at 24 weeks, and 29 cm at 27 weeks. This is my second pregnancy and I feel and look huge! My daughter was 6 lbs 9oz at birth. Does this mean I will have a "big" baby? Anyone else measuring ahead?

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  • I'm 32 weeks measuring at 38. My doctor is concerned enough that I'm being referred to perinatology to have a higher level ultrasound. It's scheduled for Tuesday.

    I'm hoping this is just a big baby, and not a case of excessive amniotic fluid.

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  • Measurements can be off.  I'm figuring from the above numbers u are talking about fundal height.... Not  growth u/s.   either way, they can be off.

    I've measured big for both my first and second pgs.  This one they changed my due date and apparently it is around 50 percentile. 

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  • There are at least 10 posts on this board each week asking essentially the same question.

    Measurements and u/s are estimates.  Don't stress.  Your body knows what to do. 

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  • I've been measuring big. For me it seems to be due to a big baby and higher than normal amount of amniotic fluid. If you are concerned ask your doctor. I get bi-weekly ultrasounds due to other high-risk issues, but no one (doctors/nurses/etc) seems to be concerned with me measuring 2 weeks ahead.

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  • I measured almost 4 weeks ahead at the end and had a 7 lb baby. Try not to worry too badly!
  • I was measuring 3-5 weeks ahead from about 2nd tri on until the baby dropped two weeks ago - now I'm measuring right on track. I wouldn't worry about it, especially only measuring two weeks ahead.
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  • image CNYBride05:
    There are at least 10 posts on this board each week asking essentially the same question.Measurements and u/s are estimates. nbsp;Don't stress. nbsp;Your body knows what to do.nbsp;


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    Fundal height measurements are super inaccurate. A friend of mine measured six weeks ahead at one point and had a totally normal sized 8lb baby.
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  • A 2cm variation is within the range of normal. So no, it doesn't mean you're going to have a big baby. 
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  • I've been measuring 2-3 weeks ahead for the past 2 months, and it turned out at 31w that I have high amniotic fluid and now have to get weekly NSTs to monitor the baby and monitor me for PTL.

    The u/s measurements are also saying that the baby's head is in the 90th percentile for size, so who knows. I'm hoping that's not true!

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  • I almost wish they didn't measure fundal height because its 99% of the time pretty off. My friend delivered in March and at 34 weeks was measuring 40 weeks. After the OB panicked and had her do a growth u/s, she was actually measuring 2 days behind. Baby was born at 8lbs even, totally healthy and normal. I am measuring on the dot for fundal height but by u/s I am almost 3w ahead.
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