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I am a FTM and I EP and supplement and have done so since the beginning. DD will be 4 months on the 14th. My main goal was to give her BM until 4 months when we start to introduce food. Since my supply has not dropped from where it was I am considering extending to 6 months. My question is, once foods are introduced how much of lo's appetite for milk/formula will drop? I literally give her almost half and half (she gets almost 12 ounces milk and 8-10 ounces formula a day). I'm curious to know if I need to maintain my production where it is at, or start storing more (I only pump about 12-14 ounces a day).


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    Until 1 year of life BM and/or formula should cover all of LO's nutritional needs.  Solids are just for "fun" and helping LO to learn how to eat table foods.

    So my LO's intake of BM has not changed one bit from 5 months 30 days (when he was getting all BM) to now at 9 months 2 days when he gets 2 meals of solids plus some snacks on top of his usual 7 nursing sessions/BM bottles. As you get closer to 1 year you might see LO's milk intake drop a bit, but some kids don't.

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  • My LO only dropped her breastmilk intake at 11 months, when she started refusing one of her bottles and preferring solids instead. 

    Most babies won't decrease intake before 11-12 months or later.  Most nutrition should come from breastmilk and/or formula for at least the first year.

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  • No solids until after 6 mo and they don't replace breastmilk/formula until closer to a year.  Even then, your kid will probably drink just as much fluid in a sippy per day.


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  • Thanks for the knowledge!


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