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Tell me it's just a phase

If I'm home alone with C, I get nothing done. He won't let me put him down for more than 2 minutes. I don't even think I brushed my teeth today. It's really frustrating. I try to remember that he won't be this small for long so just enjoy it, but that's hard when my house is trashed, I've hardly eaten, and forget about making dinner for my husband.

Even if hes asleep, the second I lie him down he wakes up. I've tried putting him in the RnP, Mamaroo, bouncy seat, even his car seat. It all seems hopeless. Tell me it's just a phase.
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Re: Tell me it's just a phase

  • It's just a phase. My LO has been like this the last couple days. Any chance he would like a carrier or Moby? My LO will fall asleep in the Moby and I tend to get more done that way. But taking care of/bonding with your LO is more important than that laundry, or making dinner for H. (That was my evening yesterday, I told my H that I wouldn't have time to make dinner yesterday because M was a fussy mess and he picked something up on the way home.) You just roll with it. 

    Like you said, they don't stay this little for so long, and chances are you'll miss it when he's bigger. They days are long but the years are short... this is my mindset when I have those rough days. Tomorrow is a new day. Good luck!

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  • I've given up on trying to clean the house. S is the same way most days so if I can get to brushing my teeth by 2pm I consider that a win for the day. I just try to remind myself that I only have a few more weeks at home with her before I have to go back to work so even if I don't end up with a shower or even get out of my pjs for the day, I got to spend the day with her so it was worth it.
  • I could have written this.
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  • Like pp said, maybe try a wrap or sling so you can multitask?

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  • pnutgpnutg
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    Like pp said, maybe try a wrap or sling so you can multitask?

    I've tried the Moby. He screamed and eventually fell asleep but I felt like I couldn't do much because he's such a light sleeper.
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    I could have written this.

    Me too.
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  • Mine lives in the Moby. Its safer for him and he is happy so I can get things done. With 2 others it would be impossible to do anything without my Moby. 
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    Mine is the same way, and almost the same age. I'm just going with it, but it can get annoying!
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  • My mom held J most of the morning so I could do a TON of laundry. I told her I don't know how anyone gets anything done with a newborn.

    Good luck ladies and remember... If anyone comes over they won't be looking at the house, they are just here to see the baby lol.

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  • Yes, it's just a phase. Hang in there. I, too, have a trashed house most days and don't get around to brushing my teeth or eating breakfast until like noon. DH understands and doesn't expect dinner to be prepared while LO is this young. It was this way with DS1 as well and we know it will pass.

    Keep trying different things. Babies are always changing and one day you'll find tolerance of something where previously there was refusal. Keep trying to wear LO in different slings/wraps, keep trying the bouncer and swing and carseat, bring your stroller inside if you have to, etc. Keep at it and eventually you'll find something that works. Also keep snacks and water in the nursery so you don't starve!

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