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Work From Home?

I am not due until January, but I am looking into jobs or anything that I could do from home to help supplement my husband's income. I currently teach kindergarten, but am not necessarily looking for something in education. We don't like the idea of daycare. I have looked a little on the Internet, but it is just so hard to weed through everything! Does anyone have any suggestions or found something that works for them? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Re: Work From Home?

  • From experience, its hard to work at home without childcare unless you do it at night when everyone's sleeping. That being said, there are a few options for WAH. American Airlines sometimes has open positions for customer service working at home. You must live within 50miles of the DFW airport. Amazon was also hiring for home reps.

    Other ideas...
    Working part time once you're husband is home to take over. Retail, waiting tables, etc.
    Are you crafty? You could try your hand at etsy or start a FB page to sell your items.
    You could watch other children in your home.
    If you have a teachable talent, you could offer lessons.
    Since you teach, maybe you could tutor?

    GL to you!

    Eta check out wah adventures blog
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  • Thanks! Yeah, that is what I have seen. I am not looking to really be in the work force; my main focus is going to be the baby. I just wanted to find something simple that could be done when/if I have time to help out. Money is going to be tight!
  • I am in the same situation. All I have is a banking background. As a FTM I don't want to watch additional kids quite yet. Let me know if you find something and ill do the same!
  • Me too! All I have is banking background. I could watch some kiddos, but I just feel like that would be hard as a FTM with a newborn. If I could even bring in a couple hundred bucks a month it would be nice!
  • Good Morning, I just saw your post and I think I can hopefully help. I am so blessed to be able to be home with my 2 kids ages 3 yrs and 10 months. I worked in the Medical field before my son was born and I just couldn't imagine putting him in day care. I looked online for at home jobs and I finally found the perfect one. I would love to share it with you. I make residual income and it is wonderful. Let me know if you want to learn more. You can hear about the company before you make a decision. I do want to tell you this is an all NATURAL company and their products are great. Did you know Johnson and Johnsons baby soaps have pesticides in them? That was my green light to Natural. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • I'm also due in January and would LOVE ideas of what I could do from home to supplement my husband's income, I def. don't want to go back to work and leave my baby with a sitter or at daycare.
    Thank you!!! :)
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