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Older Babies--PNP Mattress

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My son is 17 months and about 25 lbs.  We have a Graco PNP and will be going on a week long vacation this summer with hopes that he will sleep in the PNP but I think the mattress that it came with is too hard for him now that he's older and weighs more.  I want him to sleep comfortably while we are on vacation.  Has anyone tried the mattresses that fit the PNP that are a little thicker?  

I'm thinking of one like this:  

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Re: Older Babies--PNP Mattress

  • I haven't tried that mattress but FWIW DS1 slept in a pnp with the original mattress while we traveled until he was 2yo without issue.
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  • Haven't tried that. We took DS on a week-long vacation last year and he was also 17 months at the time - and he was almost 30 lbs. He slept wonderfully in the PNP as it is. I hope that helps!
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  • We used the PnP, with the mattress it came with, while traveling until DD outgrew it height-wise. (So... 2 and a half?) She never had a problem with the mattress. 
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  • Yes I have it and it helps make it more comfortable. It's better than what it comes with!!
  • With DS I got a foam mattress pad at Walmart for $12, and cut it down to fit the PNP.  It's easy to travel with, and you can even put multiple layers down to get the thickness you want.  Our PNP is a hand-me-down from my sister who had 3 kids so the PNP pad is pretty worn, this really helps cushion it.

    I don't think I'd spend $40 on a mattress unless LO slept in the PNP frequently.




  • We use these Carters Velour Playard Sheets. They are plush and add a little more comfort to that stiff thin mattress. My 2yr old loves sleeping in the PNP at her grandmas house with these
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