I have a 15 week old. Never had an issue with supply. I've been back to work for 3 weeks now. I'm pumping 3x a day one side at a time and usually pump 1517oz total but yesterday I was only able to pump 11 oz and today I've only pumped 6 1/2 I still have one more pump to do. I drink lots of water, and eat enough. I've been taking Vit. D and still am along with my prenatal. I'm afraid my milk is drying up. I'm so upset, I was doing so well!! What can I do to get my supply back up?? Am I over reacting being it's been only 2 days??
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  • Could AF be on the way?  My supply (still) does a big drop when that's about to happen!  Does your pump have an option to do both sides at once?  I got better results pumping that way.  I know it's crazy annoying to hear, but try not to stress about it just yet.  I found that stressing about my output really did make it worse!  You could also try to make some lactation cookies and if things dont pick up try some fenugreek.  GL!
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    I agree with everything PP said.

    Other things to consider:

    How long has it been since you replaced the valves/membranes of your pump?  I always get lower output when I need to replace mine.

    Have you been unusually stressed by work or other things lately?  That is also a supply killer for me.  What about sleep?  I know lots of sleep is not possible with a 15 week old, but perhaps you got less than "normal" the last few days?

    Are you using a hands free pump bra or doing breast compressions while pumping?  I didn't need to do them when I first went back to work, but at some point I started not responding as well to the pump & found that doing compressions helps me a lot.  So does sipping tea or doing something to relax me right before pumping.

    As PP said, if none of that works consider eating (or eating more) oatmeal, lactation cookies, mother's milk tea, and/or fenugreek.

    You can also always add a 4th pumping at night or 1st thing in the morning if you need to to get the milk you need for LO's bottles.

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  • It's likely that you are not fully emptying your breasts/getting a good letdown if you are only pumping one side at a time. Double pumping has been shown to be far more effective.

    I would 1) add a pumping session whenever you can, and 2) Invest in a double pump (or rent a hospital grade pump).  

    Your milk isn't "drying up" but your supply is regulating to meet the demand you are placing on it.  So you need to increase demand.  I had to pump every 2 hours from 3-4 mo to produce enough milk for my LO at daycare, but eventually my boobs figured it out.  Rely on your stash in the meantime, and work to get your supply back up.

    Oatmeal and flaxseed also help my supply.

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  • I just wanted to add that when I have problems getting a good letdown at work, it helps to look at pictures/videos of my baby on my phone while I'm pumping.


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