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Team Green question

To all you Greenies - Do you have a "feeling" of what you are having? We chose to find out and I don't know if it's because I know (ok 90-whatever percent sure) it's a boy I feel like he is such a dude. Do you have any inklings? I can't wait to hear when you finally know.


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Re: Team Green question

  • Mags04Mags04
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    I have strong feeling this one is a girl. I don't know why but I'm just convinced it will be a girl.

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  • we both think it's a girl... for no real reason, of course
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  • When I am conscious, I have zero inkling. I honestly don't have a feeling one way or another.

    When I am asleep, my mind seems to think it's a boy. I've had 5 dreams it was a boy so far.

    I can't wait to find out! 

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  • I have a boy inkling. DH thinks it's a girl and had a dream that it was. In about 8.5 weeks, one of us gets to be right!
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  • atcwagatcwag
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    I waver back and forth, but when I think about names, I always gravitate towards the 2 boys names we've chosen.

    When I think about other variables, I lean more towards girl, but I don't know if that's because we're "hoping" for a boy.

    I haven't had any dreams either way.

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  • DH thought girl at first but is now thinking boy.  I was thinking boy but every so often get a feeling that it's a girl.

    Everyone else likes to guess and for some reason they all say boy.

    LO is currently squirming a LOT so I think it's just uncomfortable with the whole speculation lol

    Creepy update to this - I just went out to get lunch and as I was walking back to my office a worker guy (at least he was wearing a uniform jumpsuit) walking towards me sings to me "it's a booooooooy" as he passes me.  So weird.
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  • I think it's a boy. This pregnancy has been just like my first, so I am leaning towards that. 
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  • My husband won't tell me what he is guessing and I don't have a feeling either way.  I did have a dream I had a girl about a month ago.
  • so neat....I had felt girl until my 12 week ultrasound and then I had this insanely realistic dream before we had found out that I was BFing a blonde, sweet boy...then found out we were having a boy! 


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  • I have been thinking girl.  Not sure if it's because EVERYONE around me says it's a girl because I'm "carrying high."

    I've had 3 distinct dreams in which we had twin girls.  But we're not having twins (at least, not that we're aware of...wouldn't that be a shock at this point) so I don't think those are anything to place a wager on.

    It will be fun to see how many of these instincts are correct! 

  • I go back and forth. My first tri inking was girl. Then after the AS and a few apprs later I was convinced it was a boy. Now I'm back to the feeling it's a girl. I've had two dreams where my baby was a girl.

    According to my friends' and coworkers' OWTs, about 70 percent believe it's a boy and 30 believe it's a girl. I find out in two months!!!
  • NukkeNukke
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    An ER room doc hovered his hand above my belly yesterday, and said, "do you want me to give my prediction?  I've been doing this for 18 years, and so far I've had 100% accuracy".  I grinned and said, "Sure".

    He closed his eyes and said, "Boy, or girl... under 15 lbs".


    That's the only "inkling" I get too.  Maybe I should knock on wood though so we don't give birth to a 16 lb hermaphrodite.

    DH thinks it's a boy.

  • I have the strongest feeling it's a boy! As the weeks get closer I cannot wait to find out!

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  • No.. I don't know how anyone would have a feeling one way or the other. I think it is bs but I guess I'm too much of a scientist and my husband is saying I'm taking the fun out of it haha. . He wants me to guess.

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  • For most of this pregnancy, I've thought it was a girl. Then I kept having dreams that it was a boy, but I kept on thinking girl.

    Now for some reason lately, I've been thinking boy. This pregnancy is messing with my mind. Smile


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  • Well, my intuition was right with both J. and A. We will see if I am three for three in a few months. I feel like this one is a girl.
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  • I flip flop so much. I think it's a girl, however for some reason I have felt more comfortable buying boy clothes. At garage sales of course
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  • I "knew" with all my kids by 2nd tri.  I have a strong feeling this one is a girl since the pregnancy and way I'm carrying is so similar to DD.  I've been having dreams that it's a boy though so who knows.  With the first two, the feelings and dreams always matched up.  I will be incredibly surprised if this LO is another boy.

    DS born 1-24-2010, DD born 7-8-2011, DS2 born 9-5-2013

  • I am thinking boy.  Everyone else is thinking the same thing.  I just keep unconsciously saying he/him when referring to LO.  I really wanted a girl but I when I dream and think about it, I believe a boy is on the way!
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  • I usually feel like it's a girl.  There have been a few days when i think "no clue" or "hmm, now i think it's a boy" but for the most part, i think girl.  It's not based on anything, just a hunch.
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  • I assume boy due to timing and IUI which more often produces boys.  Plus my husband's side is all boys.  Only rarely, as in like I can count the times on one hand, have I felt a girl or said her or she.
    Our little lightbulb is on the way!
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  • I go back and forth. Lately I have been leaning strongly towards it's another girl. But this pregnancy has been extremely different so maybe its a boy! I feel like since DH and I cannot agree on any boy names, or rather we really don't LOVE anything, that it just must be a girl. Ha. I will be so excited to see what baby is on it's birthday!
  • I have a feeling that I'm having a girl. I have dreamt about her, and just feel like it's a little baby girl dancing around in there.  My husband also thinks it's a girl.  In a few months we will know for sure! 
  • I have no idea!

    ETA: I have had more baby boy dreams than baby girl dreams though.  I'm very scared of having a boy because then I have to raise a man!  Eeeekk!

  • valleavallea
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    I have been mixed, one week i feel its a girl next week i feel boy. I am leaning towards a boy cause majority of persons in the fam says they want a girl and i strangely feel the opposite will come. However persons on the street are saying boy and again i feel opposite, lol. We were curious and tried to find out but baby would not cooperate.
  • I have no feeling, no intuition, no nothing of what this child could be.
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  • JdLB82JdLB82
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    Most days I have a feeling it is a boy!! But some days I catch myself saying "she" or "her", so I don't switches back and forth.
  • I felt my first was a boy, and I was right. I felt my second was a boy and I was wrong. I felt this one was a boy and I was right.

    So for whatever that is worth.

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  • I have zero inkling what we're having and I get mixed opinions from random people.
  • I don't have a "feeling" one way or the other, but pretty much everyone in our lives (all the grandparents, friends, siblings, coworkers, etc) thinks/hopes it's a girl, so I think that's affecting both DH and I. We both realized a few weeks ago we'd be surprised if it was a boy, everyone says "she" so much. I didn't realize that would happen! That being said, I'm still so completely okay with it being either, honestly. First tri I wanted a boy, for awhile in the second I wanted a girl, now I just feel so peaceful that we'll have a healthy, adorable baby, that I can get excited about either.
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