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Anyone see the heartbeat but not get it measured?

I just had my first ultrasound (6 weeks, 2 days). Baby is measuring on track and the tech could see the heartbeat clearly both with the trans abdominal and vaginal US. However, she couldn't get a measure on the hb (not sure why).

Neither she nor the RE seemed at all concerned about this but I have only ever seen people on here get measurements.

I go back in 2 weeks for another us.

Anyone else not get the heartbeat #?

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Re: Anyone see the heartbeat but not get it measured?

  • Mine didn't measure it until 8 weeks.  I think I posted this exact post back then.  We HEARD the HB on our home Doppler before the office would listen to it too. 10+ weeks.

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  • Mine didn't give me the hb rate unless I asked for it. I think some dr's try to avoid giving it out since it can cause unnecessary stress. If the dr thinks everything looks good, then everything is probably progressing as normal. As difficult as I know it can be, try not to stress!
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  • My u/s yesterday was 5w6d and we just saw the flickers no rate was taken. I think it might be a little early. Or like pp said maybe they feel it just causes unneeded stress.
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  • Thanks guys. I feel a little more relaxed about it now. Now just to wait for the next US I guess!
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    IVF March/April 2013
  • When I went in at 7 weeks we saw the heartbeat but they didn't measure it. I got a measurement at my 8 week ultrasound.
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  • At my first RE ultrasound at about 7 weeks, they didn't measure the heartbeat. My doctor said that he'd be "able to tell" if it was too slow and that all he was looking for that early was that there was a HB.
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