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I'm supposed to buy one off the mom-to-mom group I belong to tonight. There was a lot of drama over this thing that resulted in all of us being kicked out of the group (a girl said she wanted it, then passed, then came back and said she wanted it, and the seller wouldn't go back to her).

It was originally posted for $40 for the carrier and $10 for the newborn insert and wasn't being sold as a set. When the original commenter went to town on the seller, I stuck up for her and let the buyer know what the rules were. 

So, we all get kicked out, I message her, and then she tells me that she had other people PM her and want both, so unless I want to buy it as a set, she's going to go with the other people (even though I was technically the next in the line after the DB girl).

So, $50. Should I buy it? WDYT?


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Re: Ergo

  • image Scout2005:
    $50 is a great price for an Ergo if it's in good shape. I'd go for it.

    I want to stress this... IF IT IS IN GOOD SHAPE.  An old friend/ frenemy of mine bought one one off and has noticed fraying, etc and suspects that it is a fake.  Be careful BBJ. 

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  • 50 is a good price for an Ergo! But if you don't get it, look into the Infantino Ergonomic carrier. They're 40, and they're pretty good carriers for being cheap.

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  • I'll second everyone else and say you should take a good look at it before you buy. Google how to tell a fake ergo carrier and you'll be able to spot some red flags.

    If it's a real one and not ridiculously worn and damaged, 50 bucks is an amazing price!
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  • 50 bucks is a great price...there are tons of fake Ergos watch out. My bestie for nailed by a seller with a fake and she bought off Amazon. Just google what to look for a check it over well. That's all I'm saying.
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