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When did you start getting symptoms?

So i had a pretty easy pregnancy with DD and don't think i even got nauseated until 8-9 weeks (didn't even really get sore boobs) but i'm just wondering what people are going through. When did you start getting symptoms of pregnancy?

I'm SUPER early and while i don't really want any MS, just one symptom would kind of make me feel slightly better ;) 

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Re: When did you start getting symptoms?

  • Mine started exactly at 6 weeks!
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  • I had sore nips right away but the nausea didn't start until 6 weeks.  I never threw up but battled 24/7 nausea which sucked.  I was also exhausted starting around 5 weeks.
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  • I had symptoms before I had a BFP. They have not stopped. I will be 5 weeks tomorrow. I already have sore boobs, cramps, bloating, heartburn, some MS, but not too bad, back pain, and exhaustion.
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  • I started noticing symptoms at 6 weeks, sore boobs, cramping during implantation, peeing more frequently, tired more often.  We went to a wedding reception (before I knew we were pregnant) and a couple glasses of wine made me feel drunk and I'm used to having a glass or two of wine! 

    Luckily I haven't been sick at all, just certain things don't sound good so I avoid them like BBQ...and I love a brisket sandwich usually! :/

  • I have really sore boobs and nips, and My back has been really sore.  I have also been really really exhausted.  I will feel better when I start getting nauseous, as funny as that sounds. I think because this pregnancy happened so fast (we were NTNP for one month) that I feel like something is going to go wrong.
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  • At 5 weeks, before my BFP, I had very sore boobs which was weird because they are never sore, not even before my period. And I was very nauseous. I didn't start throwing up until 8 weeks.
  • I was waking up in the middle of the night every night to go to the bathroom. I also had strange cramping, much more dull than regular cramps almost more of a pressure than a cramp.  You will start to feel something very soon! 





  • With my DD, my symptoms started at exactly 6 weeks. 



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  • katagskatags
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    I had zero symptoms until 7 weeks. Even then, it was just headaches. Nausea and sore boobs didn't start until around 8 weeks.
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  • First time around I got nausea midway through week 5. This time I got sore boobs.. geez.. before week 4 even. And only a little bit of nausea. I'm expecting it in the next few days though!

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  • I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    Before I could even take the test- at 3 weeks I just knew I was pregnant, so there must have been some signs that were too small to notice consciously. (Every other month was "if I am..." and this time it was "I am.") 

    As soon as I hit 4 weeks I've been having noticeable symptoms- larger, sensitive breasts, bloating, peeing often, extreme fatigue (2 hour naps daily,) heartburn/stomach aches/difficulty breathing that is easily fixed by eating very, very small meals every hour or two.

    I've been really surprised, but then again, I'm very sensitive to medication and any changes in myself, so maybe I should expect this... 

  • Not alone! I'm 6 weeks today and the only "symptoms" are I feel like my digestive system is a little extra sensitive and every now and then I feel a little bloated. I'm hoping to be a lucky one and not get sick because I don't function well when I'm nauseated. In a way I go to bed with nervousness every night, "will I wake up tomorrow and be sick?" but in the mean time I enjoy every extra day of feeling good and look forward to my appointment next week when I can hopefully be reassured everything is looking good in there! 
  • I'm 5 weeks and the symptoms just started yesterday. Dull cramps, Mild back pain, headache, and mild nausea.

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