Postpartum Depression

PPD? Who to call?

If I feel like I have PPD do I call my OB or PCP to get medication? Also, I cannot afford to gain any weight, any recommendations? I am sure my doctor will have one. But ideas? And i have done counseling in the past but think I need meds this time.
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Re: PPD? Who to call?

  • The first time I got ppd I got my pills from my ob and followed up for refills and that with my family doc.
  • I will ALWAYS suggest a therapist therapy with meds is your best bet. Also a phyciatrist to prescribe your meds. They know way more than any OB or PCP.
    Good luck and reach out for proper help as soon as possible.

    Also...the pills will not make you gain weight. They could increase your appetite. As long as you work out and eat really weight gain.
    I am on 3 in which causes people to gain tons of weight and I've never gained a pound on it Serequel.
    Worry about getting mentally healthy and take the meds they prescribe you. Just eat healthy and work out to avoid weight gain. Hang in there...PPD is tough, but I promise things get better with the proper help.
    PPD/PPA has been super hard, but I'm making it! Slow steps...
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  • OB, but ask for a referral to see a psychiatrist. They're specialized and your OB or PCP is not.

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  • Call the OB. They are best at dealing with you post baby. PCP may not know how to handle post partum The OB will get you started and refer you to a Psychiatrist. It can take a long time to get to a Psychiatrist, so you may need to start something soon. I agree that therapy first is better than drugs. But if you want to hurt yourself, even sometimes, and even if you can push the thoughts away, you need to start medication immediately. You can come off once your therapist thinks you are OK. IT can take a long time to get into see a Therapist too.

    As for weight gain, I didn't gain any weight on celexa, but I needed more help after my baby was born and I took the bar exam. I did gain weight on other drugs mixed with celexa because I was hungry all the time. Celexa is a great one to start on because it comes in generic, it works for both anxiety and depression, and I think you may be able to take it and nurse. I don't nurse because of the other drugs. Good luck.


  • I really wanted to find a place to post about PPD because everything I learned about how to heal myself was learned from women on messageboards. After weeks of research I found something that worked for me and it worked from the first day. I had tried antidepressants but the side effects were worse than the PPD for me, so after researching the effects of pregnancy on the body and brain and what your body becomes depleted of, I found a natural remedy and it works for me. I stopped breastfeeding saving my life and marriage were far more
    Important and began taking 5HTC, 50mg once a day, evening primrose oil 2 a day and a double dose when PMS! Zinc, calcium magnesium, Bcomplex, omega oil and wellness formula. All in all I take about 15 pills a day all from Whole Foods and I haven't had one bad day since. I eat healthy, spinach salads, etc, stay away from processed foods, walk 4 days a week for at least 20 mins and my life did a 180! From the first day the fog began to lift, I had energy and my mood swings stopped and I feel more like myself than ever. Please google these pills, be your own advocate and know you can feel better. I've found that replenishing my body of these things have completely saved my life. I take the pills throughout the day and I could care less if it's 15 pills! I am well again and as a bonus I don't suffer from PMS anymore! Please please check into it for yourself. I wish I'd have seen a post like the one I'm writing right now it would have saved me months of PPD hell. If I feel better, so can you! I suffered a dark, dark hell and I wouldn't with this awful, secret hell on anyone! I'm well grateful!
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