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Open Letter Wednesday

Re: Open Letter Wednesday

  • Dear Quitting Time,

    Hurry up. But don't hurry up too quickly since I have way too much work to be done before I leave for a nice long holiday weekend.

    Signed, Needs to get off thebump

    Dear DS2's teeth,

    For the love of all things holy, can you please just finish coming in already. Mama needs sleep!!!

    Signed, Tired

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  • Dear Technology,

    Wtf?! I do not want this to be my problem today.

    There goes my quiet day

    Dear DD,

    Grow more slowly, please.

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  • Dear opposing counsel

    Pretty much the last thing I want is to go to your deposition in the Bay Area this afternoon. So help me, if you show up drunk or high again I will have your head. And you'd better be efficient and get us out well before 5.
    Really don't want to sit in Tahoe bound traffic for hours

    Dear DD
    Please get over this tantrum phase quickly. I want my sweet girl back.

    Dear Air Conditioning
    Please don't be too expensive to fix.

    Your hot frustrated owner
  • LoCarbLoCarb
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    Dear self,

    An occasional drink is fine but you had too many last night. 



    Dear time,

    please go by fast today so my long wknd can begin.

    -doesn't want to be at work today


    Mommy of two girls: DD1 4/14/9 DD2 4/15/11
  • Dear DD2 -

    4:30am is not an acceptable time to wake up for the day.  I'd be more than OK with 6.  But 4:30 is just too early.  You're tired, I"m tired, everyone's tired when you wake up at 4:30.  So let's try for something a bit later tomorrow mmmkay?

    Love, Mommy

  • Dear DD 

    Why did you have to wake up so early today instead of your usual time of 8am? Especially since mommy could have slept today until 8 since I didn't have to be to work until 9.

    Dear Last Day of Work

    Thank God you are finally here.  Too bad they are giving me a last minute assignment to do since all of my work has been done since last week.  I have been sitting here bored out of my mind for the last few days.  Thankfully, you are here and My summer vacation is about to start.  Also, I hope you end around noon! 

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  • Dear Sellers,

    Please take care of the mold in the crawlspace (plus a few other minor issues) so we can move beyond Due Diligence and buy your home.

    K? Thanks!



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  • It's my first day watching watching a 6 wk old at home with LO. I start this afternoon, hoping that it all goes well! 
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  • Dear Realtor

    Did you really really manage to eff up the closing?  You are now detrimental to this process.  If things don't go to the re-plan next week, seriously, I will lose my mind. 

    Dear DS,

    I am super nervous about moving you from your current day care to the new place we have chosen. The new place rocks, but I am so so so nervous about taking you to a new place with your seperation anxiety peaking.  Please please please don't get all toddler stressed out when we do this - I promise this is a good change.  Love you tons and this will be great for you in the end.

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  • Dear vegan cousins,

    Stop being so judgmental about what other people eat. If you want to eat the way you do, good for you, but stop putting other people down, and posting condescending crap on your Facebook because you for some reason think that because of what you eat you are holier than anyone that doesn't eat the way you do.

    - Your annoyed cousin.

  • Dear Mother Nature,

    Please stop all this rain!  A break from 85-90 degree heat plus insane humidity levels would be nice too.  I'd like to actually be able to take DD outdoors to play sometime this summer.


    Sick of the Soggy Summer 

    OAD December Siggy Challenge: Favorite Holiday Movie 
    (A Christmas Story)
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  • One More...

    Dear DH -

    I have been working from home on the same 2 days each week for over 3 years.  You work from home sporadically, but every day for the past 2 weeks.  You've made a mess of my office, and told me that I'm "in your way" when trying to keep to the schedule that I've had for, again, 3 YEARS.

    I told you I had an important call today, and that I absolutely needed the land line for it.  You ignored me.  I told you again, and asked for your schedule.  You "didn't know" what your schedule was.  So OF COURSE I'm going to get annoyed when you tell me you've scheduled a call right over mine, and that YOU need the land line for it.  No, I can't move my call.  No, I can't do it on my cell with our spotty reception.  You caused the problem, you find a solution that leaves the phone open when I need it.

    Annoyed wife

  • Dear Work,

    Please stop pouring!!! I already have a full plate and don't need half a dozen new assignments.


    Supposed to have this weekend off


    Dear Coworker,

    Please show up to work on Monday and please don't call in sick to hang out with your relatives. That's gotten really old.


    Annoyed Coworker who's doing your work


    Dear DD,

    You are adorable, even in your "terrible 2s" meltdown phase and I love all the progress you're making with the potty and communicating your need to go. Fingers crossed that this weekend of PT goes well and that we enjoy all the extra time together.


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  • I am so irritated with how long corporate interviewing process is! I am half hay through two jobs and waiting for the next step. Soooo long! Plus I am super anxious because I do not want to start showing, LOL

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