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3 things.

So the posting about Petunia Pickle Bottom from yesterday got me thinking about the things I love that has either made motherhood more enjoyable or easier. What are your 3 favorite things?

Mine are:
Pbb diaper bag
Sophie the Giraffe
Britax travel stroller.

Re: 3 things.

  • Fun idea!

    Rock 'n Play 

    Kick and Play Piano Gym

    Carter's swaddling blankets...DS is a huge spitter and we use them constantly for burp clothes - they're the perfect size! 


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  • Great post idea!

    1. Aden + Anais blankets - DS is a spit up king and these have been a lifesaver.

    2. Ergo - We've been able to use it basically since birth and DS and I both love it.

    3. Pacifiers - He calms down so quickly once he has one.

    Early on one of these items absolutely was his bouncy seat, and I honestly have no idea how I would have made it through the first three months without that thing. But since then he has basically no interest in it, so that's the only reason it didn't make the cut.

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  • The travel container for formula that has three separate compartments for measured feedings you can just dump in the bottle.

    The Ergo

    My friend Amy who is Jackson's legal guardian, and basically a third parent.  She's gone on several road trips with me and the baby, went to the hospital with me for DS' surgical consult, and ran over yesterday when DH had to take me to the ER. We have no family here, so we'd be lost without her!

  • I love:
    Halo sleepsack swaddle
    Piyo nail scissors lol
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  • the snugamonkey swing...in the beginning that was the only thing my son would sleep in.

    our travel system stroller. it's really nice to move a sleeping baby in and out of the car without waking him.

    a recently acquired item...a whale shaped knee pad. goes with his ocean themed bathroom and has saved my knees from death ;) http://www.skiphop.com/product/bathkneeler.html


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  • My ring sling, the only way I got any houswork done the first couple on months!

    The bouncy seat, the only way I'm able to shower when DH isn't home and DD refuses to nap.

    Do my boobs count as a thing? Because seriously, breastfeeding has been a lifesaver. Sometimes letting DD comfort nurse is the only way to get her to fall asleep, and a pacifier just doesn't have the same effect. Plus, popping out a boob in the middle of the night is approximately a billion times easier than preparing a bottle. [You'll never see me accuse FFers o being lazy, half my motivation for BFing is because it's more convenient!]

  • Hm this is tough, I love so many things...but, my top 3:

    My pump. As an EP, I don't think I would be giving BM right now without it.

    Kick and Play Piano Gym

    Brayden's Monkey.. It has made Car rides much more enjoyable.
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  • Applecheeks cloth diapers!!!  (who guessed I'd say that?! lol)

    Fisher-Price Jungle play mat. 



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  • I don't know that I have just three but... 

    Aden and Anais Swaddles 

    City Mini Stroller

    Rainforest Jumper

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  • alakealake
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    Mamaroo bouncer (we bought 2 one for DD3 and one for niece we have custody of)

    Baby Jogger city select.  I had bought it when DD3 was born and added second seat when we added a newborn when she was 6 months.  It has been to Ireland (last November) and is going to Italy on Saturday with us.

    Bumbo:  Had one with DD2.  We got rid of it when we moved from Canada to Miami.  I bought one for DD3, and purchased a second one when we added my niece to the mix.

  • Ppb diaper bag!!
    RnPs...especially for twins, these have been lifesavers!
    Double snap n go...honestly don't know what I would have done without this for the first few months.
  • Mine are:
    The boppy, bfing is impossible without it!
    The Chico travel system
    The graco swing, allows me to walk away and do things!
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  • Hmm...

    Definitely the RnP.  We wouldn't have survived the first few months without it.

    Nose Freida...so much easier than the bulb thingy!

    Tranquil Turtle...puts DD right to sleep :) 

  • 1. Swaddles-kind of a blessing and a curse, as we have tried to de-swaddle, and it has gone horribly wrong everytime. Starting to think she'll be a 3 yr old before we get her out of it.

    2. white noise machine-if the power ever goes out here, we are screwed.

    3. pacifiers-two sucks and she is out

    Without these, I am scared to think how our nights would be... 

  • 1. Moby wrap - I still use it around the house and for bouncing/rocking him to sleep when he's being stubborn. He's heavy!

    2. Boppy

    3. Bouncy seat - because sometimes you need a baby holder 

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  • Rainforest Jumperoo
    Aden + Anais Sleep Sack
    Taggie hand blanket my MIL's friend made, he adores it and soothes him every time
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  • Definitely the home made spit up blankets my friend made.  We have lots and he spits up tons

     our Mei Tai... We got it a few weeks ago and it has been a lifesaver. 

    And the "Irrelephant Elephant" which is the crinkly flat elephant toy that he loves. I call it that because when he doesn't want it, it becomes Irrelephant. I'm such a nut case.  

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  • Bright Starts Spots & Stripes Playmat (though, sadly, I think he is losing interest/growing out of it)

    The carseat and the car, for many a time when nothing else would calm him down

    And last, but certainly not least, DH for being an awesome daddy and husband!


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  • The first three months:

    My Brest Friend pillow

    SwaddleMe Swaddles

    Luna Lullaby blankets - we seriously used them for everything.


    Sophie the Giraffe/Lamaze Butterfly toy

    Pack n Play (it has been a lifesaver on trips)

    Mesh Food Bags (to put frozen breastmilk cubes in for teething)




  • Bjorn carrier and Moby Wrap

    Swaddle Me swaddles

    Play Gym/Mat
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  • 1. the vibro chair (DD actually doesn't always like her chair and she doesn't see to care about the "calming vibrations" tho she likes the bounce, but like Runaway said, sometimes you need a baby holder. I'm about to get one of these tho to replace it with. I think she'll like being taller)

    2. The Boppy

    3. The Ergo

    Unfortunately I can't say that cloth diapering is easier. Its not. I love many things about it but its way harder (for my situation), but sometimes I do things that are hard b/c I believe they are the right things to do.

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  • 1.) My boba carrier

    2.) Snugamonkey swing

    3.) White noise machine 

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  • Swaddle Me blankets
    Vibro chair
    Sleep Sheep

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  • Hmmmm, tough to just name 3

    1) boppy

    2) mam pacifiers

    3) it's a tie between the miracle blanket and the RNP (I credit that combination to J STTN at 1 month old) 


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  • Aden + Anais bamboo swaddle blankets. These are so versatile and even worked in the chilly ER room when DD was admitted for a fever. She knocked out on my chest, I overhead us with one, and it was bearable!

    Pumping  bra.  I EP now and this has made my days smoother. Sink of dirty dishes and need to pump? Easy! Have to drive somewhere and it's time to pump? NO PROBLEM! I hate my pump, though. I dream of the day I can catapult it into the next city. 

    Moby. I have used the stroller less than 10 times and hate the room it takes in my trunk. DD loves the moby and it enables me to utilize more space in my car when ou and about. It also helps to calm her down during her fussy hours in the evening.  

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  • 1.  Ergo.  I wanted to be a true crunchy granola mama and rely solely on non-structured carriers like ring slings, wraps, etc. but the truth is this is the carrier that is most comfortable for both baby and me.  He loves it and often naps in this when he won't nap anywhere else!

    2.  Bright Starts Twisty Bug - this dumb plastic toy that makes the weirdest sound effects ever.  For some reason, DS loves it and it can calm him down from even the most meltdowny meltdowns :)

    3.  MyBreastFriend nursing pillow.  I honest to god don't know how anyone would nurse a baby without it.  I am more than just a little addicted to it.  

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