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What does LO call Grandma and Grandpa?

Mobile title: What does LO call Grandma and Grandpa?

Mine: Noni Italian and Papa
DH: Grammie and Papa R
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Re: What does LO call Grandma and Grandpa?

  • Dang mobile posting! Italian is supposed to be in parentheses so you know where the name Noni came from.
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  • My parents are GiGi and Granddaddy My husbands are Nana and Papa

  • Grandma and grandpa, although my mom wants to be called grammie but I despise it.

    My mil also wants to be Grammy. I always call her Grammy Beth to the kids.

    My FIL goes by poppop.
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    Nana/P-pop (C came up with these), Grandpa and Grandma P (name), Grams/Gramps (not a fan of these but that's what the really wanted).
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  • Mine: grandma and grandpa...or grams me gramps started by their oldest grandchild

    DH: Nana and poppa 

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  • The oldest on each side kind of "named" both sets of grandparents, as well as the spellings of said names...  On my side we have a Mimi and Papa and my in-laws are Mamaw and Papaw

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  • My mom: Kana not a fan of it but its what she wanted. Her name is Karen

    My inlaws Grama and Grampa
  • My mom wants to be called Grammie but I'm not a fan.  ILs are grandma and grandpa for now.

    A hasn't really given them names yet so we will see if he soon starts calling them all something in particular.

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    My mom is Nana and she was very adamant about being called that. My nephews call her Nana and they are older so the precedent was set early.

    My in laws are grandma and grandpa my MIL wanted LO to come up with a name on her own but we had to refer to them as something so we used Grandma and Grandpa and then LO did too.

    For a while my MIL wanted to be called Nagma which is Hungarian for Grandma but it just never came natural and felt silly to say.


  • Mine: Grandmommy and Pop

    ILs: Grammy and Pap Pap

    They all chose their own names. A little confusing, no? 

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  • Well, none of the Grandmas wanted to be anything other than grandma so we've had to call them Grandma Jill, Grandma Jan and Grandma Brigitte/Brijee. 

    The Grandpas are about the same so there is Grandpa Gary, Grandpa Dan and Papa Rob.

    And since the kids have 3 Great Grandmas we are trying to have them be GG lastname.

    I'm kind of hoping the kids start calling them something else just so it is easier to differentiate between them. 


  • ILs are Nana and Papa

    My mom is nanny

    My dad and his wife are papa and mimi

    And some friends of ours who are like my adopted parents are Gigi and papa

    We have a lot of papas and have to figure out in context who is he referring to

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  • My parents are Mimi and papa. my grandfather (so hazels great grandfather) is pop. FI's parents are memere and bumpa. 

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  • My mom wanted to be Gramma because that's what we called her mom. My dad was going to be Granpa but LO has changed it to Gram-ga & Papa

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  • Grandma and Grandpa for both sets. So.... We don't usually know who he's talking about when he is chattering about one of them.
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  • Mine: Nanny and Pap Pap

    DH: Grandma and Papa

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  • My parents are Ama and Papa and DH's are Gaga and Papa.

    I don't love any of those and hope that DS catches on to Grandma and Grandpa soon!

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  • OK, with my parents it is Nana and Papa.

    My wife's parents is a different situation... after my wife was born and later divorced her father, she came out and now has a partner for 13+ years.  They are both referred to as Grammy (their choice).

  • They all wanted to be called Grandma and Grandpa. Jackson has always called his grandpas "bapa" though.

    Its a little confusing, but we have a Grandma 'first name' on each side and a Bapa 'last name' on each side. Not sure how that happened.
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  • My mom and stepdad are Nana and Papa.

    My dad is Geepa (because that's how he says Grandpa) My stepmother asked that he call her by her first name Confused

    My H's parents are Geema and Geepa (Grandma and Grandpa) although sometimes Grandma is called Gaga.


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  • My mom and stepdad: grandma and grandad

    My dad and stepmom: grandpa and vovo Portuguese from Brasil

    My in laws: Oma German and pops
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  • My mom is Grandma, but it's usually screeched because they are excited to see her. 

    My dad is Grandpa, and my step-mom is her name. It's what I call her, and what she wanted so whatever.

    XH's family - His dad died years ago before the kids, and I think his mom is also Grandma.

    FI's family - his dad is Grandpa (E picked it for him), and his girlfriend is Grandma first name. FI's mom is Juju at her request.  

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  • DH's Mom and my Dad are his only grandparents, so he calls them Grandma and Grandpa. Easy.

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  • Mine: Papa Mike without hair and Papa Mike without hairs Grammy

    DH: Papa Mike with hair and Papa Mike with hairs Grammy 


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  • Rink08Rink08
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    My parents are Abuelo ans Abuela (spanish) and DH's parents are Grandma & Grandpa Last Name (DH's father passed away recently). The great grandparents are Pop-Pop, Mema, and Grandma & Grandpa Last Name.
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