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Okay. After almost 3 months I have to admit that I think I have PPD. It's not just that BFing isn't going well or baby blues or the medication I'm taking. My symptoms mostly manifest as anxiety about LO and an overall feeling of being unable to handle everything. I have a psychiatrist appointment next Friday. In the meantime, any advice from any mamas who have been there?


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    I don't have any advice, but good luck! It's great that you are getting help. I hope it all goes well. 
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  • I am also glad to hear you are seeking help if you are feeling this way. While I don't think I had full-blown PPD, I did go through a pretty depressed stage that was brought on by way too many stressful, family situations in the weeks surrounding my daughter's birth. It was extremely overwhelming and I made it worse by faking happiness during the day for everyone else's sake, and then crying for hours when nobody was around at night. What helped me was finally telling other people what I was feeling (I talked to my doctor first, then my husband), and then making myself get out of the house. It was really hard at first, but for me, being outside distracted me from everything going on that I couldn't control.

    I still take my daughter out almost every day, and she loves our daily walks now! 

  • I had depression and was seeking help before I got pregnant and when that happened, I stopped my medications advised by my therapist. I knew that after I gave birth I would have to get back on my meds and as much as I tried to prepare myself for the possibility of PPD, I don't think anything could've. My anxiety went through the roof once I had him but things have gotten a lot better with therapy. He is going to be 10 weeks this Friday and I am finally starting to feel better. I am a first time SAHM and even though he is so laid back, it is still very hard! For me, a combination of medicine and therapy has helped. Getting help and being vocal about how you are feeling is so important. Embrace how you are feeling because your feelings are real and legit and it's okay to feel that way, don't try to deny them. I'm so glad that you are seeking help and please, don't feel ashamed! I can relate and if you ever have any questions please feel free to PM me. It's a long, hard road but every single day is worth it! I promise you that things work out and it does get better.

  • It is a good thing you are getting it checked. I think I have a slight case of it myself, but exercising is making it better. It is the one reason why I pushed myself to start exercising last week because I was just getting worse... maybe the stress isn't helping, but I was getting in a deeper hole and could see myself acting different towards everyone. Sadly I can't get mine checked out, I was on my way to joining Marine ROTC and any type of depression diagnosis on my medical record will immediately disqualify me from any military branch. 

    Luckily I have a great husband to talk to and he has been trying to help me be happy. I am slowly coming back out from being sad all the time. Also venting here helps too. 

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  • Yes I've been there and I think it's great you're going to talk to someone, it really helped me. In the meantime I can tell you to eat well and drink water. Don't give into junk food which was my problem. I was eating whole pies and felt much worse after.


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