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Anyone's LO been diagnosed with this or it been discussed with pedi? Ours noticed that LO favors her right side. When she lays or looks, she tends to turn her head right. So we are supposed to do exercises to get her to turn her head left, stretching, tummy time, holding her in right arm to feed, burping on right shoulder and making sure she turns outward.

We've been working for two weeks and I felt like she's doing better. But a our appt yesterday the pedi made another comment about it. He said if it doesn't improve in the nex couple of weeks, physicl therapy might be needed.

Of course I just googled and read in some instances PT doesn't help and surgical intervention is needed to release the muscle. I know that's probably rare and extreme.

Anyways, just curious if anyone else has dealt with this and if stretching helped!!

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Re: Torticollis?

  • I'm not dealing with it with my LO, but as a PT I have seen kids with great results just from therapy and not needing further intervention. Keep up with the positioning and stretches recommended by your pedi but I'd seek professional help too. Typically earlier intervention is better. Don't let the cases where surgery is needed scare you, odds are its not that bad! Hang in there mama!
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  • I agree with the previous post.  I am a physical therapist as well and I have seen good results with early intervention (i.e. positioning and stretching).  Keep it up! :)
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