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Toddler travel bed

Last month we transitioned DS1 over to a twin bed from his crib and he made the transition pretty well and generally does great going to bed. We just got back from vacation and it was an awful bed time experience. We had one bedroom for the four of us (my DH, I, DS1 and DS2). We brought a mat and a sleeping bag for him for the floor and a pack-n-play for DS2. DS1 would not go to sleep! He kept getting up and wandering out and anytime we would try and lay him back down he would scream and cry and of course wake up the baby. It took three hours just to get him to fall asleep all four nights we were there! It was horrible. Anyway, we have a few more trips coming up this summer and I am about ready to cancel them. Any recommendations for something that worked for your child?
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Re: Toddler travel bed

  • When we travel, we still use a PnP for DD1. We now have two - one for DD1 and one for DD2. But DD1 still sleeps in a crib at home, so she's used to being confined.

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  • When we stay in a hotel, I just get two queen beds. DD has been fine with that. When we stay at my parents' house, she has an inflatable mattress with a big hello kitty blanket that makes it much more exciting. She sleeps in a twin bed fine at home. We transitioned her about a month ago.
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  • We bought inflatable bed rails ( DH slept in one bed with DD#2 in the PNP. I slept in the other bed with DD#1. The rail worked great so she wouldn't fall out of bed but when awake she can climb over it. The first night it was hard for her to get to sleep since she is used to her crib. The second night she was so exhausted she snuggled with me and fell asleep. 
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