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I've been suffering from some pretty nasty anxiety/depression in the last few months. While my doctor and I work to figure out the correct medication/dosage (we have changed it several times now), I am suffering from some anxiety that is starting to affect my ability to function normally. 

She offered me a prescription for some ativan (xanax) or lorazepam but I declined. After a near meltdown at work tonight I'm rethinking it, but wondering about how it would work with breastfeeding. Anyone taking it or taken it in the past?



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Re: XP: Ativan/Lorazepam while nursing

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    Lorazepam = Ativan,

    Alprazolam= Xanax

    both are rated L3 = moderately safe drug list on scale of 1-5

    You can call infant risk to see if they recommend anything else for anxiety that may be rated even safer.


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  • My psych had me take it and time it very precisely with LO's feeding. I was also on a very low dose, .5 mg. He had me take fish oil supplements too, because they naturally help with anxiety. It was a trade off I had to make to keep from having panic attacks, however I probably only took a dozen or so over my whole time nursing. I also had an rx for an antidepressant, these were crisis only pills.
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