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Anyone have a Bugaboo Cameleon or Uppababy Vista?

hi everyone :)

i am currently pregnant, due 10/9, and wanted to pop over to this thread to see if anyone had either of the above strollers? i am torn between the two and would love to hear if you love yours and why!

Re: Anyone have a Bugaboo Cameleon or Uppababy Vista?

  • I have the Vista and could not be happier with it. I'd recommend buying the cup attachment and the snack tray attachment to make your life easier but beyond that...Zero complaints. I LOVE having LO being able to face me (though at this point, she'd rather be facing forward)...Though I recommend a test drive at BBB so you can see which one you think works best for your lifestyle :)

    Good luck! 


  • The Vista is awesome!!!! ALL my friends got one after they saw mine and they couldn't be happier.
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  • We've got the bugaboo and I'm pretty happy with it.  One thing I didn't consider ahead of time, though, is that in order for it to fold down for storage/going into the car, you have to take the seat off.  No big deal if you live in a more urban setting and don't use a car often.  Also no big deal for the first year or so when you're using the carseat adapter option and having to take the seat off anyway, but I can tell it's going to be more of an issue once we move up to the next carseat and switch to the stroller seat it comes with.  

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  • I LOVE the Uppababy Vista.  It is truly the one thing that we bought that I have been 100% happy with.  Once you know how to open and close it, it is a breeze!  I love the amount of things it can hold in that basket part underneath.  It is MUCH smaller in other strollers.  You also need the accessory thing that you put on the handle part which has a cup holder, pocket to put your phone in, etc. 

     We use the conversion kit with the carseat still (Chicco Keyfit) and it works great.  We didn't use the bassinet very much, so just warning you it might not  get much use.  Switching between the carseat and the regular seat is a breeze.  My only complaint would be that it is a bit heavy.  I don't know if other strollers are as heavy, but it seems like it might be on the heavier side. 

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  • We have the 2011 Uppababy Vista. Best purchase ever. One of the most expensive, but worth every penny. We used ours as a bassinet (you can buy the cradle stand separately) and I loved that I could use the car seat with an adapter and then move right into the bigger seat when he was ready. Also, being able to face the seat front or back and at different angles is great too. Pishposhbaby was a great website, we saved over $100 on a 2011, because the 2012's had just come out.

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  • I have the Uppababy Vista (click link to see many reviews and colors) and I LOVE it. If you're looking for a small umbrella stroller for getting on and off the bus with, this isn't for you

    This is a big stroller - your baby will love it and you'll love it too. It's great for walking around with and it has a great basket underneath.

    You'll start out with the bassinet which you can even use as your bassinet in the house too

    At some point you'll switch to the stroller and this is a quality stroller - If you have to skimp on something, don't make it your stroller - you'll use that every day and it really makes a difference

  • I have a vista and love it. It stays parked in my entry way and is still our only stroller. We have taken it on trips (gate checked with the travel safe bag) and sometimes we put it in the car and use it else where. With the infant seat, I used a snap and go for the car, and the vista only with the basinette when DS was less than 6 months old. The basket is huge, it handles well. I really have nothing to complain about. I don't have any cup holder or snack tray. mainly because I don't need to have my drink that handy and there is a pocket in the basket to hold my water bottle. As for not having the snack tray, I don't want my kid to be free ranging on snacks all the time, so there is really no need for it. I also like that the vista comes with all the extras that I need like the rain cover for the toddler chair. I don't really have a car stroller because I will either take the vista if I need a stroller or just use a shopping cart of a baby carrier for other trips.

    The bugaboo doesn't fold with the toddler seat attached. That for me is a deal breaker. I haven't used a bugaboo, though. It does have its fans as well. 

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  • i considered both and went with the uppababy vista and LOVE it. I've had it for 3 yrs now (got it for DS.) The basket is HUGE and its such an easy fold/no need to remove the seat. I really looove it.

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  • I had an Uppababy Vista for my now toddler and while I loved it the size weight did not suit my NYC lifestyle. While pushing my Vista I fell in love with the Bugaboo Bee. It did not have the full bassinet but I purchased the cacoon for cold weather which worked great. Now that my baby is 9 months its so light and easy to travel with. I have the all black worth every penny.
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