When should we stop sterilizing???

As I read a recent post about how often to sterilize I realized not everyone is sterilizing everything after one use. My darling son was born 33 weeks 4 days  and since coming home I sterilized everything, wash everything (sheets,blankies,toys,) once a week, I still ask people to purrel and wash hands when carrying him. Now I'm concerned I've given myself all this extra work......not to mention I'm a Ftm and don't know when you could stop. I kinda just want to behave a little less germophobic. I'm just curious he turns 6 months this week and has not been sick at all. What is the come practice? 

Re: When should we stop sterilizing???

  • We sterilized bottles after every use until DD stopped using them. Laundry is/was done once a week. But toys we never sterilized. New stuffed animals would get thrown in the wash or if a friends LO chewed on her toys we would wash them after they left. But that's about it.
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  • With DS1 we just hand washed bottles & then ran them through the dishwasher on the sterilizing cycle maybe once a week? Laundry & stuff I would do as usually which is about once a week. His toys I just wipe down with a Clorox wipe occasionally &/or if he's been sick but definitely not on a schedule or anything. I stopped being super strict about the hand sanitizer around 6 months? However, as flu/RSV season rolled back around I started back up with reminding everyone. At that point most everybody just did it out of habit.

    Given that your son was just 33 weeks, I think you can probably start letting go of some of those procedures, although it doesn't really sound excessive at all to me. Sounds like you're doing great! 



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  • We still ask  people to purrel before holding her. I figure if they just keep the habbit as a carry over from last flu/rsv season it will be old hat and will just continue it through the following season. Once she's gone through 2 seasons, we'll probably lay off the purrel.
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  • Thanks for the responses. I know its different for everyone. Thank you
  • We stopped sterilizing bottles when DD1 started putting everything in her mouth that she could reach. I figured there wasn't much point anymore!

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