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Hello!  I am currently 7 weeks post partum - we have a beautiful baby boy- Mac!  Pre-pregnancy weight was 132 lbs - I was a little above where I wanted to be which is around 127 lbs.  Right now, I am at about 143 lbs - I pretty much gained weight all over: thighs, butt, arms, stomach.  Here is the problem/question: I LOVE my pre-pregnancy clothes and cannot wait to get back in everything.  I am going back to work on Monday and have been trying on different items to see what fits - not much.  I had to buy a couple new pairs of pants for work but I do not want to buy anything else.  Question 1 & 2: how long did it take you to get back down to pre-pregnancy weight AND how did you do it? Question 3: People keep saying that my body will never be the same - hips wider, etc. SO items that do not fit in my hips/legs any longer - should I have them taken out OR keep them the same size for motivation to lose the weight. 

I have set a personal goal to be down to 135 lbs on September 14th - this will be 4 months post partum.  Thank you!!

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  • Keep them!  I too had heard that your body will never be the same again and I kept some tops and shorts that I thought would never fit again and they do this summer. Some pre-pregnancy shorts are actually too loose now.  I gained a TON when pregnant and it was everywhere as well.  I worked extremely hard on getting it off. It took me a good year before I felt I was pretty close to where I wanted to be.  It's been 2 years and I'm less than what I was before and even shoes I thought would never fit again actually do.

    You probably will need to get some new clothes to do you for the time being.  I did just so I wasn't wearing the same top over and over again, but when you do get back to your weight it will be awesome because you will be able to wear all the things you haven't.  Kinda like shopping but not spending money :) 

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  • My baby will be 1 in a few weeks..that said I have not tried as hard as I would have liked to lose the weight.  :(.  alot was motivation- and lack of sleep/time.  make sure you set time to workout, ask SO/friends/family to watch little one for an hr or two a few times a week so you can work out.  also watch your eating- its easy to go back to thinking your eating for two still ;)

    though I didn't try very hard I am back down to the pre pg weight ish.  I had a m/c 2 months before I got pg with LO so I gained about 10-15 pounds from that.  thats about where I am about 15-20 pounds from where I REALLY want to be.  

    your body will go back even with out working hard- it def needs that push to get where you want- but even with me and my working out 1-2 days a week here and there :(.  I "lost" about 20 pounds since right after having LO.  I had to get my rings resized (about 8-9months pp).  

    Def buy some new cloths for now if you need more then a few outfits- like anyone pg or not losing weight takes time.  They all say it takes 9 months to get that baby ready for the world, it takes 9 (+) months to get your body back.  good luck. 

  • I am going to be honest...I think it took me more than 6 months to get to pre-pregnancy clothes size.  It didn't take me that long to get to pp weight, however, my body shape had changed (the wide hips...when I had never been a hippy person...was probably the biggest thing).  However, 2 years later, I am nowhere near the size I was pre-pregnancy...actually a size I had never ever been (meaning I went way down, not up).  To bridge the gap until I could at least get back into my pre-pregnancy size, I bought some comfy dresses and just a couple of pairs of pants.  I didn't have anything I already owned altered because then when I did get down to that size I wouldn't already have clothes that fit on hand.
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  • I have a 15 month old and a 4 month old and all of my pre pregnancy clothes fit. It takes a lot of discipline and dedication. What is working for me is following a Paleo lifestyle and working out 5 to 6 days a weeks at the house.
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    I am 8 weeks pp and about 2-3 pounds from my prepregnancy weight.  I lost the first 18 lbs in the first ten days, and then another 5 lbs over the past five/six weeks or so (gained about 26 lbs while pregnant).  I work out for about an hour a day (less than while pregnant and before I was pregnant), however, it was once I started back with working out that the weight loss slowed down!

     I am also a vegan, and eat very healthy (while still having a couple of cookies a day, and the occasional glass of wine).  I do BF as well.

     I would not alter your clothes, but by some comfortable clothes that will "grow" with you (comfy tees, elastic pants/skirts maybe?).  Although I am pretty close to my prepregnancy weight, my body is different.  My tummy is not as flat as it used to be and my bottom seems slightly bigger still (which makes me wonder how that is physically possible, like where is the weight coming from or going to!?!).  Good luck :)

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    I honestly can't remember when I was back to my pre-preg weight. Maybe 5 weeks pp? Some of my clothes fit then, but not all of them. In the beginning I was just going to the gym for the elliptical and weights and doing a lot of  yoga.

    I will say to NOT alter your old clothes! I started running earlier this year and can now fit in jeans that I haven't worn since 2007. I'm so glad I didn't get rid of them.

    As far as your body permanently might, but it also might not. Mine didn't really change too much that I can tell.

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  • I'm one of those people where my body holds onto the fat while nursing so I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna lose those lat 10 lbs till DD is weaned. DD is 19 months and I think I was able to squeeze into my pre pregnancy jeans around 6 months pp thanks to clean eating, running, and crossFit. Now at 19 months pp I am actually smaller in the waist than I was but I have bigger thighs, butt, and boobs. I think the only clothes that don't fit the same are certain tops because with bigger boobs they just don't hang right on me anymore. 
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  • 7 weeks is still early. I didn't fit into all prepregnancy clothes till closer to 3 months with my first. And then when I returned to work the combo of pumping and breastfeeding at home led to a very sudden weight loss and at 4 months I was smaller than before I had my son. I used a belly bandit for the first 46 weeks which helped and returned to running at 5 weeks postpartum. You should try a body shaper/shape wear or girdle type thing to see if that helps your clothes fit better. Hang in there.
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