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Im so nervous and worried

This is my third pregnancy, my first was a breeze and resulted in my perfectly healthy daughter so my second pregnancy I thought would be the same and boy was I wrong. I got pg in January this year from a medicated IUI and it was doomed from the begining. I bled from Feb 16 until the begining of May, had a d&c and in the end was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy and I had to be treated with methotrexate 2 times and it was horrible. Thankfully, my tube did not have to be removed. June 5 was my first cycle since January and here we are pg, Im happy really I am but now I am so worried. I found out Sunday, I had a light line on the cheapy tests from Amazon, Im not sure exactly how long my cycles are because this is the first one but I had my positive OPK on June 19-21 and we did our thing those days. So the minimum it could have been was 8 dpo and I tested positive on the test. I called my dr yesterday and of course they wanted me monitored closely and had me draw my hcg which came back 42 at 3 weeks 4 days, which my nurse said it would be low so I guess thats ok. With my last pregnancy the ectopic I was 4w4d and it was only 30 so this one is much higher and earlier. I return tomorrow for another draw and I am just going bonkers. I am so anxious, so nervous so worried and I try not to be because I know there is nothing I can do if its going to be a loss. Im sorry ladies, sorry to ramble on here. Im just praying for higher numbers tomorrow. Hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday :)
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Re: Im so nervous and worried

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