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Oh dear...

Driving down the road today my daughter who is 5 said to her sister, " I can't help you right now! I'm feeding my baby. Can't you see she is sucking on my boob!!" She then said something to the effect of it feels funny and wet when baby does this, I'm not sure how she got the last part.


Re: Oh dear...

  • Ha my friend just found her two daughters who are 4 and 3 doung this yesterday with their baby dolls. She just had a baby 3 weeks ago. Thats how they learn i guess!
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  • My DD has BFed her dolls. I love it. I think making it a norm is what encourages BFing in society, not removing formula and pacis from hospitals.


  • I've caught my DD putting breast pads down her shirt! I think it's cute, and a friendly reminder that they absorb everything we do in front of them.

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  • My first was BF Elmo when I had #2. Now they are both BF random dolls. For some reason they say the milk comes out my belly button. Don't know where that came from but i'm leaving it for now. They can learn the details when they are older. 
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  • Evie told a lady at temple that "Baby Vince bites mommys boob"

    Thanks Kid.

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  • image LadyDelilah:
    Evie told a lady at temple that "Baby Vince bites mommys boob" Thanks Kid.

    My girl have told strangers oh he is crying because he is hungry, but his milk comes from moms boobs. I know it totally natural but I'm a shy person to begin with and it just makes me feel weird. Especially when the other person gets weirded out or looks at me funny.


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