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Pregnancy brain fail

While making dinner just now, I put some veggies in my steamer to cook...only I didn't add any water. Now my house reeks like charred popcorn [weirdly] and the bottom of my nice steamer pot is all black. I swear the pregnancy brain is even worse this time around.

C'mon, make me feel better...anyone else commit any good fails today?
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Re: Pregnancy brain fail

  • You are not alone! DH and I each parked in a parking garage at my office both using my badge to get in. The problem is when we went to leave I was supposed to use the badge, leave it on the reader, then DH would pull in behind me, pick up the badge and use it to get out. But..... I pulled through, didn't leave the badge and took off down the road leaving him stuck in the parking garage holding up the rest of the exiting traffic. Oops! 

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  • I made easy Mac today. Looked around for my spoon when it was in the microwave cooking and couldn't find where I put it down. I coukdnt find it because I left the plastic spoon in the mac cup and microwaved it. Dumb!
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  • I was getting ready to clean the bathroom yes, I use green products and wear a mask and I found myself looking in the oven for the products I needed and I got mad and cussed myself because I could find the cleaners. I called my hubby at work and asked him if he took it cleaning stuff out the oven and he says "honey, why would it be in the oven, why don't you look under the kitchen sink" surely enough that's where they were!
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