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Baby food . . .

When did you start giving LO more than just formula/breastmilk and what did you start with?  What's your preferred brand of baby food?  Our pedi says to wait until 6 months - what does/did yours say??

Just wondering since I'm already starting to read/research.  I'm not sure if I want to puree my own baby food since I know that can be time consuming, but I do want to make sure whatever I give Vivi doesn't have a lot of preservatives or any hormones in it.

Re: Baby food . . .

  • We won't start until at least 6 months at the earliest, and will try to make our own pures. Will probably just start with something easy like avacado mushed and thinned with a little breastmilk.
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  • I started three days ago, when LO showed all the signs or being ready. i made my own sweet potato puree for his first and only food so far (starting bananas tomorrow) Its not really that time consuming, it took me about an hour of solid  work to make about a months worth of food
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  • We will be waiting until he is 6 months old to start. With DS #1, he never took to the cereal so we went right to veggies- it was SO much easier to make the purees and cheaper too! Just steam, blend and serve or freeze in ice cube trays. We'll likely start with sweet potatoes.

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  • I started all three kids at different ages. My oldest started at 6 months, per both our pediatrician's instructions and the readiness signs on My middle one started at 8 months because that's when she was ready and interested. My son started this week at 4.5 months with our pedi's approval (she said that theories on the best time keep evolving) based on his readiness signs from kellymom.

    Right now my son has oatmeal, which I do buy the baby version of because grinding whole grains can be a pain. We got beechnut because that was the only one that was only oat flour. I mix it with breastmilk, so it's mostly breastmilk with a touch of oats.

    My oldest took to purees, so I made them myself. Including clean up I spent maybe 1 hour a week on it. Really easy, I had more control over what was in it (added garlic in early to get her used to the flavors I cook with). She only did purees for 4-5 months as I very quickly thickened them and it was a quick transition to table foods.

    My younger daughter never ate purees (she still won't eat anything of that texture) and had no interest in foods until 8 months and she ended up going to small pieces of food just cut up.

    I plan on doing some purees with my son, but like with my oldest I'll mix in my own flavors and move him to table food very quickly.

    Having looked at the price of baby food (it comes out to something like $10/lb for bananas!) I realized I could easily steam and puree food myself for less than 1/4 the cost. I'm way too cheap to waste money like that. 

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  • We started with DS1 at 6 months, and will do the same for DS2. Our pedi recommends 6 months. I made my own purees for DS and did a little BLW also. I'll probably do more BLW this time around, but still plan on doing purees, especially for daycare. IMO making the purees was not really time consuming.
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    My pedi said to start when DS starts showing signs and expects us to have tried a few different foods before his 6 month appointment. I'll probably start with baby oatmeal just to get him used to texture and the spoon. I've thought about making a few things on my own but that won't last long. I go back to work teaching in August and I'm not spending my time at home making baby food in addition to everything else I do.

    I want to do BLW for the most part though so purees may not last long anyway.

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  • We just started slowly introducing solids a few days ago (5.5 months). Our pedi recommended 6 months. He has had oatmeal 4 times and banana once so far. He "eats" less than a tablespoon at this point as he is just getting used to the new textures and flavors and swallowing things other than formula! I make his oatmeal cereal and will make his purees. Right now I've just done banana and will follow it with avocado because they don't require cooking. After he hits the 6 month mark I will actually set aside some time to make and freeze purees for him.  

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  • I started her out on rice cereal at five and a half months and I wish I had wait a little bit longer because she would have nights where she would wake up with tummy aches and would be almost impossible to get her to sleep. It took about a month or two after that for her to finally get over her tummy ache episodes. There's no rush in feeding them solid wait as long as possible. My fave foods are oatmeal. She loves it and I can hide fruit in it. She gates almost all fruit for some reason.
  • I am going to start putting rice cereal in his bottle at 4 months and baby food at 6 months

  • I wouldn't put it in his bottle. Its a choking hazard.
  • DD is 4.5 months old, and just this week we started with oatmeal. This was with our Ped's approval. As for the food - I plan to make them myself. Much cheaper and better for baby. Sweet potato is first on our list.
  • I started at 5 months, with Baby Led Weaning. LO now eats one small meal a day, at dinner. It can be just bananas, or (like tonight) spaghetti. Last night she ate some of my pork and beans. She has tried basically everything and loves feeding herself.

    She is one messy little girl though :)

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    My pedi said we could start at 4 months.  I didn't start until a few weeks ago.  I have only given her rice cereal and oatmeal.  She'll be 6 months on Sunday.  This weekend I was going to introduce her to purees.  I am finding it much more difficult to get her on a schedule of eating foods than with her older sister.  I've been very lazy about it, whereas with her sister, I started at 4 months per the pedi and quickly transitioned to two feedings a day and then introduced veggies and fruits not long after that.  By 6 months we had quite a routine/schedule.  This time around... she gets cereal when I can.  :)
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  • If your not sure, and wanna be certain that your baby eats enough and healthy you should use this: Request an invite and they'll give you access to their app by e-mail. It helped me a lot during the first months after introducing solids. Maybe it gives you some inspiration!
  • I just started DS on cereal within the last few weeks and he has been eating like a champ until he picked up a stomach bug at daycare this week and isn't eating anything... Now that we have this disruption when he's back to his normal routine I think I'm going to nix the cereal all together and go right to the purees; there isn't a lot of nutritional value from the cereal and I'd rather DS get it from his milk and/or fruits and vegetables.

    I made all of DD's baby food, I even made the meat (which in hindsight she hated and I gagged while making it). I didn't have any of the fancy food prep machines, I just baked/steamed the food as each one needed to retain nutritional value in bulk and froze it in ice trays. It lasted about three months frozen, so I would just pop a few cubes into a bowl and send to daycare for her. Last weekend I bought pears, apples and sweet potatoes to start the process all over again with DS and ended up spending a lot of time doing this- it took me away from spending time with DD (who is 4 and wants to help with everything), DS and DH- as well as put a lot of pressure on DH to handle both kids while I did this.

    It was a lot easier for me to make everything when it was just DD and she was napping- this time I think I'm going to spend the extra money and buy food. I see the HappyFamily brand a lot, as well as Plum organics. Not sure, I just know that I want to introduce a great variety as DS gets a little older since DD was pretty much a basic fruit/veggie/no meat eater and is still picky to this day.

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  • Mine also says 6 months, I am thinking of trying baby led weaning myself.
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  • My pediatrician said at her four month visit if she acts interested to let her taste a few things. She said to start w veggies because now they say if you start w cereal it can cause constipation. I've give my little one bananas, apple sauce, watermelon and I recently made formula Popsicles, which she loved cuz she is starting to teethe. She also loves the bananas. I've given her store bought and made my own mixed w her formula. Just started giving her a little rice mixed w bananas, and in her bottle.  She's sleeping longer periods thru the night now. 
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