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I made a big mistake!

I made the worst mistake in judgement on Sunday night. We were getting ready to go to a BBQ, I had my LO on the bed as I was getting ready. I don't think I looked away for more than 30 seconds and as I look back I see my DS falling face first off our bed. 

He's just learning to crawl and I guess I didn't think he could go as far as he could in such a short amount of time. I feel so bad that I let this happen. We took him to the hospital just to be safe and he is completely fine just a little scuff on his nose. I know we got really lucky as it could have been so much worse.

I was debating sharing because I feel like the worst irresponsible mom but I decided that maybe if I share my big mistake it may prevent this from happening to someone else's LO. 
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Re: I made a big mistake!

  • My mom dropped a soup can on my head as a child. It happens, don't beat yourself up, for the most part kids are resilient. Glad your LO is okay!

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  • I'm terrified of doing something like this.  I'm glad your LO is okay.  You're not the worst mom in the world but this is a good reminder for us to never take our eyes off these babies. They're getting so quick!

    My brother dumped himself out of the shopping cart into the parking lot when he was a baby (remember when shopping carts had the front part that pulled up and out so you could unload your groceries?).  That was a pretty ugly looking spill. 


  • i slipped and fell on crazy icy walkway while carrying her in her car seat when she was like, 6 weeks old (took her with me to my ob appointment) luckily i was still right outside my dr's office so they came running..she's fine but i was beating myself up about it for so long

    she hit her head on the corner of our couch arm rest..the only part that isn't cushioned, she hit her head on our coffee table, and my mom's coffee table yesterday...she's been fine

    and then there's the time mom and i left my 1yo niece asleep on a bed, only to hear her thud and roll right off the bed....and now she's 6 and fine...

    babies are resilient sometimes and i think we're more bothered by things than they are...

    i'm glad your lo is ok, and it's definitely scary, but you're not the first, and you're not irresponsible.... 

  • This happened to us a few weeks ago. I cried more then DS did. Don't be so hard on yourself mama, your LO is okay. I know it's hard, but we all make mistakes. The important thing is to learn and move on.

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  • Oh no! that's so scary, but totally understandable. I leave LO on our bed (a king size) and I'm pretty sure she is safe...for now.  But in a few weeks I'm going to have to be much more conscious of this.  Thanks for the heads up, and glad there was no harm done!
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  • This happened to us last week. I had DD on the veg while I was drying my hair and looked away for a second. When I looked back she was sliding off the bed. I threw the dryer down, still on, but I was too late. it was aweful. She wad fine but I felt like crap.

    It happens so I try not to beat myself up. Live and learn!

    Me: 38, DH: 36, MC 9/07 at 12 weeks DS: 7/25/08 TTC#2 since 11/11 BFP 5/28/12!! DD 1/31/13

  • Don't beat yourself up! It is easy to forget how quickly the can move. I had DS in the middle of our king while we were getting ready and before I knew it he had rolled to the edge and was trying to roll again! Lately I've been putting him in his PnP or crib if I need to step away from him because he always winds up rolling across the room and whacking his head or grabbing at things he shouldn't! You're not an irresponsible mom mobile smiley.

  • Oh gosh!  I'm glad your LO is ok.  You are NOT a bad mom.  My mom still likes to remind me of all the accidents I had as a baby/toddler and I turned out ok Smile  So much can happen in a split second.  I do need to get better about leaving her places now that she can roll.  I leave her on the bed all the time.


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  • Aw.  These things happen to us all, one way or another!  Thanks for sharing. It's a great reminder that our babies are starting to be in the move so we need to be more careful. 

    Glad he is ok!! 


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  • Glad to read this post. Last night I was playing with DS on the floor and he was standing, while I was holding him. All of a sudden he lunged to grab a toy and slipped from my hands and face planted onto the floor onto a bunch of toys. He got a small little cut on the tip of his nose. I didn't realize he was bleeding at first because I scooped him up into my arms so fast. I was so upset and crying and felt like a bad mom---and then even more so once I saw he was bleeding.

    I know it was just a mistake and that I am sure he will get alot more bumps and bruises over the years along the way, but I know how you feel.

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  • Don't beat yourself up, it happens. If it makes you feel better, I brought LO to the doctor because she had blood coming out of her ear. (Turns out she just stuck her finger in there and her nail cut it a little bit, no big deal.) After we got home, I tried to take her out of the car and banged her head on the roof pretty hard. I had to call the doctor back and say, "Hi, I was just in there about 10 minutes ago because my daughter's ear was bleeding. I just slammed her head into the roof of the car." I'm pretty sure they thought about calling CPS, lol.


    All parents make mistakes. You're not the worst mom ever.

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  • I'm dreading the day this happens to me...I know it will...it always does. (((hugs))) You are not a bad mother...you are a mother...stuff happens, kids get boo boos...I'm sure he shook it off quicker then you did. 

    Henry Cavill...You're welcome!




  • Thanks for sharing and of COURSE you are not the worst mother ever. My little guy was sitting on the wood floor just fine until I turned my head and heard "thud" against the wood floor.  The thud of was his head.  He scared himself and me but was fine, and of course I felt terrible.  This is why I think all babies should wear helmets all the time!  I'm kidding but not really - I mean, they'd all have perfectly round heads at the end and we could all breathe a collective sigh of relief. 
  • not a bad mom. mistakes happen. i hit Benny's head on his door frame taking him back to bed in the middle of the night twice as a newborn.. I SUCK. and i stayed up all night and cried even though he was happy as ever. 
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  • brave for sharing! don't beat yourself up, we all make mistake. I locked DD in the car the other day infront of my job. Cops had to come and break the window!!!

    so embarrassing!! i cried for an hour or two when we got home and realized sometimes we just don't think as fast as we move. We all make mistakes.


  • That is scary! But don't be hard on yourself. Accidents happen. My mom dropped me in a lilac bush when I was an infant because she tripped down our front steps and I am just fine!

    But seriously, thank you for sharing. It is a good reminder that our LOs are getting more mobile and we should keep a close eye on them. I am guilty of leaving DD on our bed while I run to the bathroom or something. Glad your DS is ok, and again don't beat yourself up.

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  • Accidents happen to the best of us! Don't beat yourself up mama! 
  • LO fell off my bed Saturday. I felt like the worst mom in the world!
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  • ta78ta78
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    It happens to everyone. They just might not all admit it.

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  • Thanks for sharing! My little one isn't that mobile yet but I know it won't be long. And I lay her on my bed all the time. I still feel bad because last week she fell back from the sitting position and hit her head on the floor
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  • Thank you for sharing and we all make mistakes. Thankful nothing bad happened. =]

    If it makes you feel any better my mom dislocated my shoulder and left me crying because she thought I was having a tantrum. She still feels bad, but I know it was just a mistake. : )

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