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Zipadeezip Night 1

So, we used the Zipadeezip for a nap and bedtime last night and it went surprisingly well for our swaddle addicted baby. He slept a total of 10 hours. We were getting 10 to 12 hours in the miracle blanket before he started busting out but I'm not complaining about 10! I will post an update after a few more days for those are having a hard time transitioning out of the swaddle.
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Our Sweet Boy "LJ"

Re: Zipadeezip Night 1

  • Glad I saw this!  We are considering the Zipadeezip for when the time comes.

    I am wondering, was he in a crib this whole time? LO is in a Rock n Play + Miracle Blanket and I read they are good to use when you switch into a crib and out of swaddle at same time, which will be happening soon here!

    Also wondering if your LO is a pacifier kid or thumb sucker? LO is becoming a thumbsucker, so I'm not certain the Zipadeezip will be the best option... 

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