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We've got a boy!

This post is waaaay delayed, but thanks to a big forest fire knocking out our cell service and internet on Friday, I"m only back online since yesterday afternoon.

DS Seamus Harvey made a quick entry into the world, 10 days early on June 26.  Labour was pretty standard, but fast.  Pains started around 3:30 a.m. and I couldn't believe what I was feeling.  I think DD sensed something was up because she was up a good chunk of the night and really sookie for me.  I didn't wake SO up until almost 5:30 because he had to work at 6.  I told him to go onto work, but to stay in town.  Contractions were timeable at this point, but I wasn't thinking much of it.  He decided to wait and see for an hour.

7:00 comes and contractions are getting closer together and way more intense.  We start scrambling to make our house presentable for someone coming to watch DD, pack her bag, get her breakfast, etc.  A friend ended up picking her up and taking her for a drive to the airport to drop off his fiance and then another friend met them back at the house to take over.  We got through emerg. at 8:15 or so and things were getting really intense.  I was 5 - 6 cm and threw up a couple times so I knew this baby was coming soon.  They sent me right into delivery and after a few bounces on the birthing ball my water broke.  I was so relieved that that pressure was gone.  My doctor was called in as well as the doctor on the ward that day.  I had two wonderful nurses too.  Pushing was intense but productive.  His head was delivered fine but then the scary part came.  

This boy has shoulders like his dad and was stuck.  His arm was up against his shoulder too so that made him even wider.  I knew something was up but wasn't sure what.  Poor SO had to turn away he was that scared.  Baby's head was pretty blue and later the doctor told me that was the longest 20 seconds of her life.  Once delivered he pinked up pretty quick, latched on and has been doing fine since.  He has a bit of a hemorrhage  in his eye, but that should go soon. He  born at 10:04a.m was 8lbs 9oz and 53 cm.

DD has been the hardest part of the adjustment, but she's getting better everyday.  I've had a good few "what have I done to her life" meltdowns and I miss her and our flow but I'm sure things will start to come around.  I'm super thankful I got to spend some time with just her before DS was born.

This is way longer than intended and I can't even reward you with a pic because they're on my phone and I don't have the headspace to tackle tiny pic through mobile yet.  I will try soon though! 

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