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What would I do without the RnP?!

DS has been in his crib for night sleep and some naps since he was 10 weeks old and at night especially, always was great. He will still go to sleep in there at night but he wants to be mobile so badly that for naps and now for his second stretch of night sleep (usually in the early morning, 5ish) I've been having to rely on the RnP again!

The crib is too big a temptation for him to roll around in and crawl! Last night he was crawling in his sleep. I had to go in a bunch of times to reposition him because he had scooted up to the front of the crib and had nowhere else to go! I'd go in and his eyes would be closed. :P I'm proud of the little guy but wish he picked a more reasonable hour to practice these skills! He just did the same thing last week with rolling! Needless to say the RnP is a godsend for when I need to strap him in for his own good!

Do you think this is a "do what works" situation or should I be trying to get him to go back to the crib for all sleep? Anyone else's LO crazy like this? 

Edited - realized many hours later my title was missing a word! 


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Re: What would I do without the RnP?!

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