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Moving to Alaska

With a two month old, five year old, and seven year old. Sounds excited huh? I'll let you all know when I stop crying. We're moving over Christmas military orders so babies first Christmas is going to be spent in a hotel on the road. Which isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things but it's just one thing on a long list that's bumming me out.

Re: Moving to Alaska

  • I'm so sorry!  I don't have any experience with this, but I feel so horrible for you!  Maybe someday, a long time from now, you'll look back at the trip with crazy memories, but I'm sorry this has to happen now!
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    Sorry to hear that! I would be upset also. It will be tough at first, but I hope it isn't too difficult and you guys adjust soon. Best wishes!!
  • Oh I'm sorry! But I do hear Alaska is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL! Might be fun to figure out how to make Santa come to the hotel! pack a special Xmas bag with stalkings all stuffed, and a few gifts for the kids... I am sure it will help the car ride go that much smoother the following day. You can do this!!


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  • Which base? I visited my sister when she and her husband were stationed at Fort Wainwright about 7 years ago. We are getting ready to PCS to Wyoming from Italy (leaving around 31 weeks, arriving at our next base around 34 weeks), and I have to say it would be a lot harder with kids I think. I am definitely with you on feeling a lack of excitement about the move at this point. Excited to be back in the States, for sure, but everything in between is going to suck.

    I visited my sister during the summer and it was really nice, like normal summer weather. I was surprised to find myself sweating lol. Of course, it was daylight for 23ish hours a day at that point, so that was weird. You'll have to get your car fitted with a plug so that you can plug it in at night, and invest in some heavy duty curtains to block the sunlight. She said that the dark months are hard, but to stock up on foods rich in vitamin D.

  • Sounds super stressful, but I have always wanted to live in Alaska, so I'm a litle jealous. 
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  • I'm sorry. That does sound very stressful. BUT I have friends who grew up there and loved it. It's apparently super pretty.

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  • When my dad was in the Air Force, he got stationed in Elmondorf near Anchorage, Alaska. We were there for almost 5 years. Aside from the crazy winters, I absolutely loved it there! Spring and summer were never too hot and it was just gorgeous there. Wildlife was certainly not shy because I always ran into moose on my way to school.


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  • My good friend just did that trip from Va. They made it into their vacation and got to visit her family in washington. The biggest issue was waiting for housing once they got there. Then they finally got into their house and had to wait another week for their stuff. 
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  • december in alaska does not sound fun, esp with an itty bitty baby. i'm so sorry you have to do this....but thank you so much for what you and your family do for this country!
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  • Wainwright or Richardson?

    Richardson isn't bad

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    Wainwright or Richardson?Richardson isn't bad

    I can't remember where bil and his wife were, but they lived it. They decided to make it their personal mission to take as many photos of moose as possible, and i think it helped them through the hard parts. We pcsed at christmas last time, and the only downside was that fewer people pcs then,iso housing was harder to come by.

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    i'm so sorry you have to do this....but thank you so much for what you and your family do for this country!

    This! I hope the move goes as smoothly as possible. From what I hear Alaska is beautiful.
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  • Elmendorf so Anchorage area. It's going to be it's just a big change we weren't expecting so with that said off we go to the final frontier. I looked at pics from the school my kids might go to and my poor southern/smocked wearing/big bow kids are going to be so out of place.
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     Might be fun to figure out how to make Santa come to the hotel! 

    I lived in a motel for a couple of months when I was only about 5 (my little sister was 3) when we moved from where I was born to where I am now - we were the only room that had Christmas lights up and my mom said it was so that Santa (and the pizza guy) could find us easier. We also put up the Christmas tree and hung our stockings and decorated the suite with garland. Smile

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