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Anyone have a night owl?

DS likes to stay up late.  Like REALLY late, and always has.  We don't stick to a schedule and feed on demand and let him sleep and wake up whenever.  DH doesn't have a strict schedule, so the free 'n easy thing works for us.


Anyways, ever since the day before his one-month birthday, DS has been STTN.  The thing is he starts his night sleep around 2 or 3 am and then sleeps until noon or so.  I don't really mind because I go to bed when I get tired and DH stays up with him (DH is a total night owl).

 People have said to me that I need to turn this around, but I'm not going to mess with it because we're all getting a good night's sleep.  I realize that this schedule will have to be changed eventually because DS will have to go to school and get a job someday, but for now it works.

 I guess I'm wondering if anyone else's LO is on this night-loving schedule?  I know I shouldn't complain because he's STTN for so long, but I'm just curious if this is relatively normal behaviour or if my son is a freakshow.


Re: Anyone have a night owl?

  • I don't think it's anything to worry about as long as he's getting enough sleep and its working for you and your husband. You have plenty of time to get his bedtime moved up before he starts school, lol! So I would just say go with it for now.  

    We don't stick to a strict schedule either, but DD has usually been going down for the night by 9. However the last couple nights she's been fighting it and its been closer to 11. Anyway I'd say enjoy having some free time in the morning while your DS and DH are sleeping in! :-) 

  • My DD use to do the same thing, but I am not that much of a night owl and I do pretty much 99 of the care for her. So it was something that we had to change. I don't have a schedule, but we do have a bed time routine and I use the lights in her room to show bedtime.

    We have successfully moved bedtime from 2 am to about 9:30 pm depending how long she nurses before bed. To top it off she pretty much still sleeps till at least 10:30 am. Honestly after the change she seems happier and less tired.

    Lights go out after she is dressed from her bath. The last time she nurses is in the dark with one small nightlight behind the chair so I can see where I am walking to lay her down. She is normally drowsy when I lay her down, turn on her mobile or music and she is almost always asleep in under 20 mins.

    I don't think it is something that has to be changed if everyone is happy, but in our case it was not working.
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