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eating and fussy

EBF.  For the past three days my kid has been eating every two hours.  I am drained. literally. and a little exhausted.  And every two hours on the dot he is screaming at me like he hasn't eaten in hours and hours. I have no idea if he is getting enough to eat or not. And at 8 pm (give or take 30 minutes) he starts screaming. screaming like he is in pain and angry and there is nothing i can do to console him.  The only thing that calms him is the boob, but even then he screams at it for several minutes before calming down.  

Is this a growth spurt? is he hungry? How do I know that I am producing enough? (diapers are normal - 6-7 wet and 3 -4 dirty daily).  

The tantrums are really outside his normal calm disposition, which is the reason that I am worried about my supply. Any thoughts?

P.S. I dont pump that often.  When I am away I pump and I always pump 3-5 ounces every 3-4 hours.  I'm not really pumping any extra to build a supply.  Maybe I should be, but pumping is exhausting and I had too many things on my plate, so I dropped my least favorite. (dropping the housework is apparently not an option - blah)


Re: eating and fussy

  • My LO was like this today. She is normally pretty calm but today she seemed fussy. She didn't take a nap longer then 30 minutes either. But she had her bath and ate at 8:30. She is sleeping real hard since the feeding. I am just chalking it up to a cranky day.
    Hope your little one is better tomorrow!
    Jenny DiLo
  • This is exactly my DS right now. He has been feeding every 1 to 2 hours since yesterday and has been super fussy, more so than I've ever seen him. He just woke up and cried the most intense cry I've ever witnessed before finally settling down enough to nurse. I was worried he might be sick. I'm relieved to see your post, because now I'm thinking it might just be the 4 month growth spurt or teething, or both. I'm pretty sure it's not a supply issue for me, since I'm usually leaking all over him as he cries for boob. It sounds like your LO has a healthy number of wet and dirty diapers too, so maybe it's just a growth spurt?

    Sorry you have to go through this too. Isn't it so rough? I'm exhausted!
  • My baby eats every 1-2 hours every day. I'm used to it.

    But I second PP, it is probably a growth spurt. 

    One of DD's growth spurts included eating every half hour for 40 minutes at a time (sleeping that half hour in between). No joke. Fussy, crying. I was horrible. It only lasted two days. I think it was the three week growth spurt?

    I had a dip in supply for about 24 hours once. I knew that's what it was because she would eat and she and be okay at first and then she'd start latching and popping off over and over and when I tried I couldn't hand express milk. That's when I learned to remember to drink enough water (and avoid stress)!

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