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Sympathy for DH

Wondering if anyone else has a similar problem and if they've found a way to fix it.

LO seems to HATE being held by DH! It breaks my heart, for both of them. My guys aren't connecting. I teach a yoga class 3 times a week so there is an hour there that they are stuck together and I always come home to a crying baby and a frazzled hubs. On the plus side he never gives me crap about staying home sometimes not accomplishing much.

Anyone know of a way to help them?

Re: Sympathy for DH

  • We have the same issue. DH works a rotating schedule and it makes it so he rarely sees LO then he wants to be involved all it does it stress him out. One night our baby was crying when we were going to bed and DH volunteered to watch him so I could get to sleep and the little guy ended up being up for 5 hours!! I knew something had to change. What I started doing was when we were both home was making DH do everything, and do it the way I would, but with me there. That way the routine remained the same but I was still there just in case. Then I started letting DH have him but I would go wash dishes and pop in occasionally. Now things seem to be much better. The only thing that can really help is time and doing things together.
  • We had/have a similar problem. I took a little bit different approach than PP. I had DH take over things like nighttime bath...things that could become a bonding activity of their own. DH does it the way he wants, not necessarily how I'd do it. I EBF so I have that time to bond with DS. My DH loves music, so he puts the tunes on and DS gets a luxuriously long bath listening to tunes with my DH chatting him up. They both love it and I really think it's helped DS be more comfortable with DH, and DH is happier and more confident because DS isn't screaming everytime he holds him.
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    Dad here, we did lots of skin-to-skin time, that really helped alot

     My husband did a lot of skin to skin with LO, too.

  • this happened with DS1, DH found DS loved staring at the mirror in the bathroom and was in awe with the faucet.
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  • My DH did a lot if skin to skin too. I really think it helps, she doesn't even bay an eye going back and forth between us.
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    Dad here, we did lots of skin-to-skin time, that really helped alot

    DH did this too and LO and DH have a wonderful relationship. Sometimes I think LO likes him better lol. But I love watching them bond, I really do think the skin to skin really helped.

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