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Preeclampsyia and Doctor's Wont Do Anything!


My name is Sara and I am 38 weeks pregnant. This is my second pregnancy and it has been straight out miserable. My first pregnancy was a breeze. The only complications I had was the typical swelling in the feet, tiredness and morning sickness maybe 4 times and that was it, and besides that my daughter made every test known to man go off including down syndrome but everything turned out fine and she was delivered by c-section after turned head-down and breeched 3 times! It may sound stressful but it honestly wasn't.

This pregnancy has been awful. Not only am I under a lot of stress because I lost my home due to Hurricane Sandy and have been displaced, but this pregnancy has been awful and terrible on my body. I am constantly tired more than normal and way more than the first but I blame this on possibly being a college student and full time mom. I have had low iron but not too low. I have had EXTREME pain in my lower abdomen, more so when waking up in the morning which I blame on just the weight of the baby putting pressure on my pelvic bone. Around 20 weeks to maybe 30 weeks, I experienced numbness in my whole right thigh that no doctor could diagnose but I know its because of probably where the baby was positioned. I no longer feel the numbness which is great but I have a whole different set of problems now.

About 4 weeks ago, my blood pressure started elevating and has remained high ever since about 160/99 or 160/87 etc but still generally high and they told me to watch for signs of preeclampsyia which I did. Next, I had swelling in my hands and feet but nothing major until about a week later my right foot swelled way more than my left and started spreading up my leg. They still were not worried and kept sending me home. Yesterday, I had went to the hospital because I was concerned and they had found trace of protein in my urine which made them transport me to another hospital by ambulance where they stuck me 8 times with needles to get blood and do their tests just to send me home and tell me to wait until i am 39 weeks. Today, I had my doctors appointment and now my protein in my urine is up to +1 and still they are sending me back home.... I am beyond upset and feel my doctors are not taking proper care of me and they told me "If I wanted to, I could go to the OB triage" but they never "instructed" me to do so. It seems my care is up to me... and I am beyond upset. Anyone experience this and preeclampsyia? I am worried for my safety because I am a pretty heavy girl and do not want any complications as far as my breathing to happen or anythng to happen to the baby. :(

Re: Preeclampsyia and Doctor's Wont Do Anything!

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    When I had blood pressure readings like yours, they immediately admitted me and tried to induce me, and I wasn't even as far along as you are; I was only 36 weeks. I would definitely go to L and D for monitoring!!!
  • I would take myself to the labor and delivery, those are really high blood pressure readings. I was told to come to the hospital if my readings were 145/90. Praying for you and your little one.



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    Had pre-e with first pregnancy, they said head to hospital if bottom number got to 100 and if vision problems kicked in.

    Ended up having him at 34 weeks because were tired of best rest, constant monitoring and dealing with one doctor in particular who wanted us to deliver at 30 weeks.

    At this point I would think they would start induction at 39 week appointment.


  • I would def go to labor and delivery. I had an emergency c section after my preeclampsia changed to hellp syndrome. I had a seizure at home and had liver issues. Its no joke!! Be safe!! Thinking about you!
  • If your doctors won't do anything, find someone who will. Good luck to you!
  • i was induced because of your symptoms, and i was only 37 weeks. i would go to the er right away. they'll send you up to l&d.  if you don't mind my asking, where are you located? i'm in a sandy-ravaged area as well.

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  • Were you diagnosed with pre-eclampsia or did they just tell you to watch for signs of pre-e?

    I recently discovered that HBP + protein in urine does not immediately mean pre-e as I thought it did (and as Google told me it did). At my 32-wk apt I had high BP and 3+ protein based on the sample I gave. My doctor issued me some BP meds and had me do a 24-hour count for my urine as he said the samples are not always good indicators. My 24-hour count came back at 1500 mg, well above the 300 mg which, when accompanied by HBP, usually indicates pre-e. I spoke with my doctor and he said we would treat it as gestational hypertension and proteinuria since I have no other indicators of pre-e. All that can be done is to continue monitoring and I was told to reduce my salt intake and increase my protein intake.

    Also, you didn't mention the results of your blood tests. Did your tests come back normal? Mine did, which is one of the reasons my doctor wasn't as concerned. He said in cases of pre-e typically there are indicators in the blood work that would cause concern. I would be more concerned with your HBP than the protein in your urine. Were you not prescribed any meds to help regulate your BP? Also, if you are truly concerned about the protein you could request a 24-hour collection so that it would give you more information.

    Anyway, GL and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes more smoothly! 

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