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I'm a DD. I've lost a lot of weight since having baby (I'm in my pre-pre-baby jeans, as in the ones from before my son was born!!!), but my boobs have not gotten any smaller. As you can imagine my husband thinks this is the best thing to ever happen to him. 

I am having problems though. I need help in the bra department. When I got jogging, I usually wear two sports bras, one over the other, to hold things in. One isn't enough. I have a nice one from Victoria's Secret and another from Target.

But if I wear both then everything is so compressed that I can't breathe properly. I can't take deep breaths.

So, ladies with larger.... ladies.... What do you do for sports bras?  

Eleanor- 1.5 Years (Jan 2013)
Nathan- 3.5 Years (April 2011)

Re: Sports Bras

  • I am a huge fan of under amour bras. Expensive but worth it. I never had big boobs till now. But with playing sports I always liked those. Congrats on getting skinny! I still can't button my shorts.
    Jenny DiLo
  • I have always had big boobs and now they are simply scary. But, to answer your question I have always and continue to wear a regular bra a more older, not so pretty one and the sports bra over it. Hopefully it won't feels as tight as two sports bras.
  • I like my sports bras from Old Navy, believe it or not.  They are very comfortable and still very supportive.



  • I love my Under Armour sports bra, it's like being strapped into a straight jacket.
    Go to a sporting goods store, try champion, under armor, Nike.
    Go for ugly, thick straps and compression style material. If you have two boobs, it's not going to be good support. A true uniboob is a sign of a good sports bra.
    BabyFruit Ticker
  • I too have very large nursing boobs. I found a bra made by moving comfort called Juno. It hooks in the back (adjustable) and the straps on it are Velcro so great for in strapping and nursing when I get home from my workouts! Love the bra... A bit pricey, but I found on the website when I bought mine one of the colors was on clearance for half price and it just so happened to be super cute. 
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