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Bedtime song

This is how tonight's (and most night's) bedtime song went:

me singing: lullaby, and goodni

B: what you singing?

me: I'm singing Lullaby.  

me singing: lullaby, and goodnight.  may sleep softly surround you.

B: surround you like this (hugs self)

me: yes.

me singing: may the hilltops

B: what hilltops doing?

me: hilltops are the tops of hills

B: oh

me singing: may the hilltops fill your heart

B: your heart right here (points to chest)

me: yep

me singing: fill your heart, with the memories of

B: what memories?

me: memories are when you remember something that already happened

B: like dreams

me: yes, a little like dreams

me singing: with the memories of love. 


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