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STILL not rolling!!!

It's driving me bonkers! The kid will happily lay on his sides rolling from his back. And I know very well that he can roll from tummy to back because he has done it in the past. He just chooses not to. Even if he begins to roll to one side, he will correct himself back to Center every time. 

He's gonna be 5 months in 3 days. It's really got me worried. He loves to stand and kick his legs and is grabbing his feet, but this rolling thing is starting to get my stomach all tied up in knots. In one more month he will be expected to have all his rolling accomplished and to be sitting up and I just can't imagine how he will manage all that work.  

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Re: STILL not rolling!!!

  • Literally 2 days ago my boys were laying on their stomachs not lifting their heads and just screaming. Yesterday both boys suddenly are laying on their tummies and lifting their heads all the way up and trying to crawl! Then one of them rolled over. Then he did back to belly right after. The other hasn't rolled yet but comes so close. Don't stress. It will happen more often soon and really every kid is different and they love keeping us on our toes.
  • I know it's hard not to worry. I literally just posted about this a few days ago. I knew DD could roll because I saw her do it dozens of times, but she just wouldn't do it anymore and I was also all worked up.
    However, what I've heard and experienced is that babies can be very sudden. One day they're not even close to doing something, the next they are doing it. Also, while babies are working on other skills they can sometimes stop doing the ones they already learned.
    Btw, my American Academy of Pediatrics guide to child development says this about rolling: "By the end of the 4 to 7 month period, she'll probably be able to roll over in both directions, although babies normally vary in the age when they're able to do so." I wouldn't worry, mama!
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  • Every child reaches milestones in their own timing.  It is easy to get worked up but it isn't something to be concerned about just yet.  If it makes you feel better, DS3 is 5 months and just rolled back to belly for the first time today.  He started rolling belly to back about a month ago but hates to be on his back so he rarely tries.

    DS2 was a late sitter.  He started crawling at 6 months on the dot yet he wouldn't sit on his own until 8 months.  He is a completely normal and healthy 4 year old now. My oldest has been in PT for awhile and I have a friend who is an OT so if I ever get concerned I ask one of them for an opinion.  My friend gave me some exercises for the late sitter and within a week he was sitting on his own.

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  • You want it to happen, then when they do, you want them to stop! Mine keeps rolling back to belly, then being unhappy there. It's especially fun when trying to get her to sleep.  8(
  • Mine was super close to rolling back to belly at 3 months, so I thought she'd do it really early like my first daughter. Nope. She's 5 months now and still hasn't figured it out. Try not to worry about things until the pediatrician does.
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  • DD1 rolled belly to back at 11 weeks, back to belly at like 16 weeks, and did both consistently after figuring it out.

    DD2 rolled belly to back for the first time at 8 weeks, then not again until 13 weeks, maybe a couple random times after that, but hasn't done it in a month. She just figured out back to belly yesterday at just over 20 weeks. Now she won't stay on her back. Don't stress!!
  • I wouldn't worry. My DD1 rolled occasionally from tummy to back starting when she was 4 months, but it was never intentional. She rolled kind of on her side from her back when she was 6 months, and I was sure that she would soon have it figured out. Nope. She was 9 months old, yes 9 months(!!!) before she actually figured out how to roll. Then she pulled up and walked (pretty much skipped crawling) within 2 months. When she was 11 months old she was toddling around. So don't worry!

    FWIW, DD2 has rolled tummy to back 3 times, all accidental. She'll be 5 months on Friday. 

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  • My DD still hasn't rolled back to belly or belly to back. She sometimes will roll to her sides from her back, but she doesn't really show much interest in rolling at all. At her last check-up, the pediatrician said she looked really strong, so I'm not concerned.
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  • We haven't rolled from back to belly. 

    We had an accidental belly to back roll, but it was because she was angry about being on her belly and somehow shoved her hands and rolled over.

    I feel like her big cloth diaper is making it so she can't roll over...:P 

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