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Sanitize pump parts daily?

I just got a new Medela PISA pump. Previously I'd been renting a Medela Symphony hospital grade pump, but my insurance changed and no longer covered it so I bought my own.

The instructions say to wash the parts after every use [knew that] and to sanitize daily by boiling for 10 minutes. Wait...what? I'd never seen before that I should be sanitizing daily! I only ever boiled the parts when I first got them, and then periodically after that; certainly not daily or even weekly. Is it really necessary to sanitize every day?

Also, when I'm at work I have no place to let the parts dry, so I always just put them in a plastic bag, refrigerate them, and wash them when I get home. Anyone else do this or know if this is okay?
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Re: Sanitize pump parts daily?

  • I run them in the dishwasher, top rack, every night. I run them on sanitize once a month, maybe. At work, I use them, store them, and wash at home. So, no, I don't sanitize daily.
  • I don't sanitize daily...maybe once a month.  I wash after each use but I only pump once a day so I can go a few days before I need to wash everything.



  • I run all the parts (except my pumpin pals shields) through the dishwasher and use the "sani-rinse".  I use either the medela bags or an avent thing to microwave them periodically...  I keep meaning to leave one set of pump parts (other than the shields) at work and I keep bringing them home!  So I would say I sanitize most pieces after 1 day of use.  As for storage during the day, I EP and have been storing my parts in the fridge between pumps, works great!  I read about doing it on kellymom's page about EPing, so it must be ok. :)
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  • Yes, I also bag them and refrigerate between uses. I don't boil, I sanitize in the microwave bag when I have time, ha!
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  • I have three sets of parts, one for each time I pump during the day and then run everything through the dishwasher at night (except I hand wash the white membranes). I only have boiled at time of purchase or when gatting out of storage for the new baby.
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  • Use the microwave bags, it is so much easier.  I don't think I sanitized my Ameda pump parts ever after the first time.  I used the Medela hospital pump when my child was in NICU and they gave us the bags to sanitize with.  Super easy to use.  They told us daily but we were dealing with preemies at the time, an older baby should be fine with much less often.
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  • Ditto the microwave bags. You get 20 uses out of one bag. Super handy and easy.
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  • I do exactly the same as you.  Store in the refrigerator between pumps, and then I wash in the dishwasher each night.

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  • I toss them in a bag and into the fridge during the day at work.. At home I hand wash with scalding water on a daily basis, toss them in the dishwasher when every we run it (about every other day or every 3 days).
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  • I boil them every once in a while, like once a week maybe? 
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    I boil them every day. I work in a hospital so I get kinda freaked out about all the nasty germs I'm most likely carrying around, otherwise I probably wouldn't do it so often. That and I can never get the greasyness off of them when I wash by hand.
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  • I rinse/wash after each use and then sanitize in the steam bags once a week.
  • I boil them every morning and night. cray cray! 
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