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Will Elecare work?

We have had a tough time with our little guy since we brought him home.  We tried breast feeding, he latched at hospital but stopped as soon as we brought him home, he would scream non stop even after reaching out to lactation twice!  I went to strictly pumping and giving him BM in bottles but I was only making about 6 oz a day.  He never really was a newborn sleeper, never slept a lot during the day or night and was very fussy.  We tried him on similac advance formula to supplement as I wasn't producing enough milk.  We thought it was gas from switching from BM to formula.  I had a c-section, and had a tough recovery, so eventually I was making no milk and we had to do full formula feeding. Then we tried gerber good start soothe for colicky babies thinking he may have colic or silent reflux after going to pediatrician.  We propped him up while eating, he would only nap occasionally on us and never liked to be put down.  We then switched to Nutramigen per pediatrician after finding blood in his stool, eczema patches, and a horrible ring rash on his butt...thinking MSPI  We were on that for 6 weeks, and he was pooping 5-6 times day making rash worse and still having little bits of blood and mucous.  The blood slowed, but still was very fussy although not as bad. He actually did start sleeping between 6-8 hours straight at night ONLY if we swaddle, but hates the swaddle so he fights it and wakes up early in the morning.  We went to Pediatric GI and they wanted us to do a endoscopy before trying elemental ( we were not comfortable putting our 10 week old infant through that before trying AA formulas first) We got a 2nd opinion,  he put us on Zantac thinking just reflux.  Now he has always had reflux symptoms, constantly wanting to eat, lots of spit up, vomiting, hiccuping, etc but he never screamed while feeding and seemed to throw up later.  We started Zantac and he gave rx for zantac.  Not sure if the zantac is working, but we started elecare a week ago and he has been back to being fussy (more than on nutramigen at the end), crying all the time, not wanting to nap and spitting up horribly because it's so thin.  He's not throwing up anymore and his rash seemed to go away because instead of pooping 5-6 he now only poops once or twice which is great, but today the mucous and rash came back! I know it's only been a week, but it's so hard after this long to keep waiting.  He is a little over 3 months now and it has been a constant battle to help him. Is it still too soon, should we wait longer to see if it gets better?  I am out of ideas...we are going crazy!

Re: Will Elecare work?

  • We put my guy on Neocate, which is also elemental. I too thought he was more fussy and uncomfortable than when he was on Nutramigen, but just as I was ready to go back to the Nutramigen he got better. He is SO happy, no longer cries except for normal baby things, dirty diaper, hungry. And is instantly soothed when picked up, instead of the constant screaming no matter what we did. I would say it took 4-5days to start seeing positive change, and now we're 2 weeks in and he is doing amazing. I would definitely stick with it for a little while longer.

    My GI said we could add a little cereal to his bottles to help keep it down because it is thinner than regular formula, but luckily he hasn't been spitting up. Not gerber because it may have traces of milk or soy.



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