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Ear Plugs

For those of you who are going to fireworks, are you giving LO ear plugs? Noah is not super sensitive to sounds, but I think I would like him to have some ear plugs. I think I'm going to get the wax kind, or would you recommend something different?
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Re: Ear Plugs

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    I hadn't thought about it actually.  C might freak out about the earplugs more than the sounds actually so not sure.  I would think the wax ones would be fine though.  THat's what we're supposed to use if C swims in a lake (b/c of his ear tubes).  Thankfully we are not near any lakes.
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  • We have some due to tubes that I planned on taking with us.  The Newbie will have them for sure; I'll let Nate choose.


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  • No. We are just doing sparklers, a few fireballs, and maybe a few fireworks in our yard so it won't be extremely loud anyway

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