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skip hop diaper bag?

any ladies here have experience or opinions on skip hop brand diaper bags? how do u like them?

Re: skip hop diaper bag?

  • Love mine. Lots and lots of pockets and is much better quality than my first bag which was a jjcole
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  • I had one with DD and loved it. Held a lot but it didn't scream diaper bag. Id recommend.

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    Love mine. Looks good, holds a lot, has many pockets, and reasonably priced.

  • I have the Skip Hop Studio bag.  It's my go-to.  Absolutely, love love love it.  Perfect size and doesn't say "Oh, hey check y diaper bag.


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    Love mine. Lots and lots of pockets and is much better quality than my first bag which was a jjcole
     Same here.  The quality of the bags are great and I love all the pockets!
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  • Mine has held up well over the last two years and I find it to be very practical.  We have the black one and DH has always been fine using it.  It fits really well on our BOB stroller too. 
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  • Love mine!  It hangs so nicely from my stroller, fits a lot, and is stylish. Does not scream "diaper bag" either. After two years, some of the lining is starting to rip and I'm finding that it's not quite big enough for everything I need for an infant and a two yo so I am currently bag shopping. Wipes clean easily too. 

     My only con is that the bottom is wider than the top so I have to take everything out to get to something at the bottom. Not a big deal because it rarely happens. I pack carefully and keep most essentials in the inside pockets so I don't have to dig.

     I have the Studio bag in solid black (no pattern).  

  • Great bag!! - Click on Skip Hop to see the one that I got

    It has lots of pockets for organizing stuff - it's water resistant and can hold my laptop

    It comes with a dotty print if you just want a diaper bag to hang on your stroller but I drop Kevin off at daycare and go on to work - I bought a black one so it just looks like a large pocketbook. I go on to work and later when I pick him up we often continue to shop and then my classy pocketbook doubles as a great diaper bag

    I strongly recommend investing in this great bag (it certainly doesn't cost more than a pocketbook and you're sure to get more use from this)

  • We have the Skip Hop Bento!  Love it!  Great size, love all the pockets.
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  • IMO it is the best brand option for diaper bags under 100
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