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T Rex

My husband loves ridiculous names. A great example is his obsession with Allison Wanda Land (say it out loud).

I love Theordore for a boy, and my dear husband is convinced we should use Rex as the MN so he can call him T Rex.

My logical mind tells me Oh Hail No, but do you know how hard it is to compromise with a man who thinks Bubba Burlap is a good name?

Two questions:
1) would you name your child Theodore Rex?
2) does your spouse have ridiculous name ideas too? What are some of the best (worst)?

Re: T Rex

  • haha Allison Wanda Land is amazing. Theodore is one of our top boy names too. I think I would only go with Rex as a mn if it was reeeally special to us.

    I wish my DH were as into names as yours, if even to joke about it!
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  • I totally would and I would totally call him T Rex. MH wants to name our son Donavan Warren so he can sing "If there's trouble, you can call DW" (Dark Wing Duck, for those who don't know)

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  • OMG. Allison Wanda Land? That's hilarious. Anyway, Theodore is such a cute name. I just think Rex is a dogs name not a childs. Also he's probably going to get teased because of it. It's kind of a cute idea but I would not do it.

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  • Honestly, if my H would let me use my favorite name I'd do it.  He obviously wants to have fun with the name. 

    My H thinks the "Waitforit" as a middle name from "How I Met Your Mother" is hilarious.

    Our next boy name is Joseph Brady, which is the first and middle name of the original GI Joe, so I'm not afraid of anything fun as long as I like the names and they are "normal".  I would draw the line at something like Decepticon.

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  • I love Theodore so much that I just might do it!
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  • 1. No, sorry.  I can appreciate a joke, but I wouldn't serioulsy make a joke out of my kid's name.  We had some silly names for DD when she was in utero though.

    2. Nothing really "out there" but when I was expecting DD he kept suggesting all of these really 80s sounding names-- Jessica, Stephanie, Andrea etc.

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  • Taking the whole T Rex thing out of the equation, yes, I would name my child Theodore Rex. It flows nicely. With that being said, I don't think I would name my child Theodore Rex just so I could call him T Rex. You could just name him Theodore and call him T Rex if you don't love Rex as a mn. DH has a friend Trevor they call T Bone (mature, I know) and his mn isn't Bone.

    I think your DH and mine would get along nicely. Mine does have ridiculous names. He always says Raul for a boy, even though I know he doesn't mean it. He loves Charles nn Charlie for a boy though, so that's what we'll probably go with if we have a boy.  

    Good luck! :) 

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  • 1. Sure. I think the NN is really cute. I may be odd, though ;)

    2. No. His name ideas have been very reasonable

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  • Love the name Theodore! It was one of my top choices if babe was a boy.

    Rex is just a middle name, I think if one day he decides to go by T. Rex then why not? If he doesn't there are so many other nicknames with Theodore to choose from, such as Teddy or Theo!

    My husband thinks it would be awesome to name our kid William Robert. Very nice name, right? Well, it's so he can call him Billy Bob. To me, that's ridiculous!  

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  • My H was also into suggesting ridiculous names, as was every guy I'm friends with who has become a dad.  Memorable suggestions included:

    Magnus VonMagnuson


    Drippings Of  Lastname -- okay, no actually seriously suggested this, but it did get trotted out as a potential name during my 2 pregnancies and every pregnancy of my H's friends' wives.


    I can't think of all the silly suggestions these guys made for names, but there were many more.  I wouldn't worry about it.  It's probably his way of telling you that you're spending more time thinking about baby names than he wants to.  When he's ready to get down to the business of saying what names he likes, you'll know.  Don't let this teasing get to you.

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  • I love it! I think you should go with it. Magnus was as crazy as my hubby got with names so I have no complaints.
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  • I'd do it, if you love the first name. Rex isn't bad for a middle name, imo, and it'll make you hubs happy. T-Rex for a nickname is cute!

    My husband is ridic about names too. He insists that our son (if we have one) will be called "Hammer." Uhmmm no dear, I don't think so...

    Perhaps we'll have a similar moment of compromise when the time comes! 

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    I'm not gonna lie... I kinda love it. LOL.

    And it sounds like as far as your husband's crazy taste goes it might be your best bet!

    But Theodore is a great name, and I love Rex... hey. Rock the T Rex. It's just a nn. He has a good solid real life name. ;-)

  • 1) My oldest is named Theodore. When he was 3-4 he loved green and dinosaurs, especially the T-Rex. And guess what? We could still call him T-Rex or Theodore Rex as a NN even though Rex wasn't his actual MN.   I think it is incredibly cheesy unless Rex happens to be a family name.

    2) My DH wants to name this baby Salmon Portland LN after one of Pres. Lincoln's cabinet members. His suggestion for a girl is Salmonella. Sigh.

    ETA: At 5 he is so totally over T-Rexes, they have been replaced by dragons, which are so much cooler since they have wings. Just something to think about, your son could quickly grow out of liking that NN.

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  • So it's cutesy and if it weren't for the nn T Rex you probably wouldn't name him that right? If you name him that do you think you will regret it down the road?
    My husband just suggests terrible names. He loves all gender neutral names which I can't stand.
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  • My 4-year-old really wants to name this baby t-rex.  He says it's a great name for a boy OR a girl :)

  • I like Theodore Rex and even like the nn T Rex. With the stipulation that you have to stop calling him T Rex at about 5 years old.
  • My DH tries to slip video game character names by me sometimes. He would totally name a daughter Zelda, if I let him. In actuality, I don't hate the name, but I just don't want a child named after a video game character.


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  • Thanks ladies. I want DH to love the name as much as me, and Theodore Rex seems to be the only one he gets excited about that is even in my realm of consideration.
  • I like Theodore. Lots of nickname potential. my brother is Thomas, and has gone by Tom, Tommy, Tomasio ... So don't get hung up on nicknames. They come and go. We have a cousin who calls him Tee Cee, as his middle name is Charles, and a neighbour has always called him Tom Chuck.

    I think it's great your hubby is involved and excited about names. Mine would like to name all his future children after the original power rangers.

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  • DS is Theodore so I'm clearly partial to the name.  And I like Rex too.  I honestly think there are worse things than having your husband (assuming he's cool with you not using this nickname) calling him T Rex.  The kid might even like it come high school.  A hundred million times better than Bubba Burlap!

    We have decided on William Thomas if we ever have another boy, honoring men in DH's family.  DH is a Star Trek (specifically Next Generation) fan.  He found out that Will Riker's full name is William Thomas Riker and now he not so jokingly suggests we actually use that as the name.  So far I'm succeeding in thwarting this idea because Jean-Luc calls the character Number One (because he's the first officer) whereas this would be for our phantom second son and at least third child so it's illogical.  Zelda is also really high on his list for a girl and not because he really likes the name or anything, but because he really likes the video game.  Link is also on his list for boys for the same reason.

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  • I appreciate it but don't think I would use it myself. Theodore is a nice name.

    I was joking with ny H that if we have a girl we could name her Polly Ester.
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  • This whole thing made me LOL.

    1) Yes.  I actually don't mind the name.

    2) Nope.


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  • image caittozer:
    I like Theodore Rex and even like the nn T Rex. With the stipulation that you have to stop calling him T Rex at about 5 years old.

    This. :)

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  •  A child's name is NOT the appropriate place/time to make a joke.  Ridiculous names belong in TV, movies, and novels, NOT on actual flesh and blood people.

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  • Ha - I would. I actually kind of like it.

    My DH is like this too.. I feel your pain. He almost slipped Stella Bellum by me, and I was surprised he actually suggested something nice.. until I realized it means Star Wars.

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  • 1)If I loved both names I would do it for sure.  Sets him up for a great nn if he is every a professional athlete :).

    2)Yes, too many to count.     A few weeks ago I was volunteering at a boys and girls club in town.  A boy and girl (around 6 years old) were playing house and the little girl had a baby doll.  I asked her what she named the baby and she said "Crystal Rose"  the boy immediately jumped in and said "She always names it Crystal Rose and I HATE that name!"   Well what would you name it kid?  "DRAGON!" 

    Even at this young age...


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