6 months. Supply issues. How do I supplement?

Hey there. Old ticker, sorry!! I have a 23 mo old and a 6 month old. BF has been a challenge and I really would love to EBF until a year but I have a low supply due to DD being tongue tied and having a high pallet. LC said to supplement formula but I didn't want to further damage my supply so I've been pumping at nap and bedtime and supplementing with my pumped milk. NOT working!! I am only getting 3 oz at a time with 1.5 hours of on/off power pumping. I cannot pump anymore, its simply too stressful and takes time away from my DS and DH. DD is 3rd percentile and simply not getting enough. Suggestions on how to supplement with formula without my supply tanking? Or ant other options??


Re: 6 months. Supply issues. How do I supplement?

  • Are you using a hospital grade pump?

    I would pump for shorter periods of time but more often during the day if possible -- maybe one 1hr power pump session once a day, but that's not entirely necessary, either.  Pumping for 10-20 minutes more times a day would be better. Ideally, pump whenever you give a bottle of formula or pumped milk.

    How has your DD's weight gain been?  There will always be babies in the lower percentiles, so just saying she's 3rd percentile doesn't provide enough info to really gauge how slow or normal her weight gain has been.

    Have you thought about introducing high-calorie solids?(avocado, banana).

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  • I've just started having to supplement over the past week.  My pediatrician said that my daughter isn't gaining enough weight--she's only in the 5th percentile for weight but 50% for height.  For the past week, I've just been giving her formula immediately after she breastfeeds so that it isn't actually replacing any of her feeding times.  I let her nurse as long as she wants, and when she's done, I give her the formula to top her off.  So far, so good.  I'm also making sure that I still feed her as often as I had been prior to starting supplementing.
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