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Are you planning on sending your child to pre-school or are they already in pre-school.  My LO is in an daycare, in-home, so not a structured learning center.  She does play and read stories but I am worried that she is missing out on something not more structured.  I had always thought we'd leave her where she is till she was 3 or so and then move to pre-school but now I am wondering if we should move her sooner.
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Re: Preschool?

  • No. We don't do preschool until 3 or so. A traditional preschool at this age would only be a few mornings a week, anyway, so you'd still need daycare. They don't need structured learning or curriculum yet.

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  • Our LO is also in a family daycare. She is there 3 days a week and home with me 2 days. We are looking into preschool for next fall when she will be close to 3. We have talked about moving her earlier but since she is with some older kids and happy and learning even without any significant structured time we don't see urgency yet.  We do plan to apply to preschools and get on a waitlist or reserve a spot for Summer/Fall 2014 and if we can move her earlier we may.  Most won't start her in preschool to 2yrs9 months so the earliest she could go is June of next year. 
  • He will attend pre-school at around the age of 3-4 because our daycare has it.  My DD was in an in-home daycare and when she was about 2.5 to 3 years old I started her in pre-school a couple days a week.  Where she went though it was pre-school in the morning and then daycare the rest of the day so I didn't need to pick her up or anything mid-day. 

    I don't think there is a need to do it sooner than 3 unless your LO goes to daycare facility that offers it and she is there anyway.

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  • My LOs are in a daycare center. They start to do preschool curriculum when they are 2y9m (if they are potty trained they can go into the 3-4y room early). That's when DD started.

    DD has received 2 sessions of preschool per week since that time, and we are bumping her up to 3 sessions in the fall. So she will have 3x per week for a full year before starting kindergarten. 

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  • DD has been with family or friends since I went back to work when she was 4 months old.  Now, my SAHM friend is going back to work herself, so my DD is starting part-time (3 days/week) at a small day care center next week.

    She is not even 2 yet, so she'll be in the toddler room, but at 3, if she's still there, she'll move up to the preschool room (3-4 year olds).   DD is fascinated by the whole idea of school, so we're going with that for now and calling her day care school.  The toddler room has a loose curriculum (circle times, table times, etc.), but like I said, it's very loose - they're 18 months - 3 year olds!  The other thing we've discussed a little bit is sending DD to montessori school from when she's 3 - kindergarten, but we'll see.

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    Our daycare has semi-structured activities for the toddlers...  art, stories, music, flash cards, drawing, blocks, babies, etc.  They don't force them though.  For example, the other day DD was sitting in a cubby with Elmo while the other kids were listening to a story.  
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    Our daycare has semistructured activities for the toddlers... nbsp;art, stories, music, flash cards, drawing, blocks, babies, etc. nbsp;They don't force them though. nbsp;For example, the other day DD was sitting in a cubby with Elmo while the other kids were listening to a story. nbsp;

    This is how our daycare operates too.
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    I was a preschool teacher and in my opinion most good day cares are also considered preschools. My dd started this last year 3 mornings a week when she tured two. The school she is in is also a full time daycare so some children are all day others go home after lunch
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  • We are starting at a church learning center in August. They have programs starting at 12 months through 4 year old Pre-K. It's just two days a week for three/four hours a day (they have options for three days a week when they turn 2 - she won't til Nov but will probably still go 2 days). They do crafts, music and even Spanish (they said one kid in the class this year can count to 10 in Spanish), so we will see how she does -- my grandparents/family watch her now and will continue during non- school hours.

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  • Not doing preschool here until age 3.

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