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How Much Do I Need To Start Up Cloth Diapering?

I was watching cloth diapering videos on YouTube and a vlogger mentioned she spent around $500 when she begun cloth diapering, but saved money in the long run because disposables would cost her over $2,000 by the time her baby was out of diapers.

I definitely want to save money and love the environmental aspect of cloth diapering, but I am wondering how much you ladies spent when starting for your newborn--and any tips in saving money? I'm in Canada.

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Re: How Much Do I Need To Start Up Cloth Diapering?

  • I spent about $150 on my NB stash and will spend around $700 on my entire stash (if I stop buying diapers).  You can definitely spend less by buying used and with sales.
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  • I spent around 100 maybe less on NB stash. I used prefolds and covers most of which I got used from Diaperswappers. I would recommend doing prefolds and covers for the NB stage to save money and avoid leaks. I also had a few fitteds.
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  • I have spent less than 350 and have a complete OS stash and a decent nb stash. For my NB stash I have to wash everyday, but I also only got to use my 10 tiny gdiapers for a week since my boy was big, but since I was gifted so many disposables it was no big deal.
    I just lurked this board and bought during sales which also helped to spread the cost out over several months.
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  • About 1200-1500$. We bought new and premium ones. Plus lots of extras. We have a very large stash. We are saving the OS stash and using it for the next baby. So, we are still saving tones of money.

    ETA I thought you meant the whole thing. For NB we spent about 300$, We had a lot of AIO's.

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    I found a great deal used for someone's NB stash on FB, plus I found some new NB pockets at my local 2nd hand store, total about 150.

    The rest I'm slowly building. I don't anticipate spending more than 400 total.

    Look up local CD FB groups for great sales. The swap board on here has some good stuff. And the girls on here are great about posting sales, etc.
  • I use Kawaii diapers and they run average $5-10 a diaper. You can find them when they have good sales too! I got 12 diapers for $60 (shipping included). They ship from Canada so your shipping will be cheaper because you wont need international shipping. 

    I have spent about $200 on my diaper stash


  • I spent $60 on my nb stash, because I rented. DH refused to do prefolds & covers, so we did a rental of pockets & AIOs from Kissed by the Moon. Great deal - 2 months worth of brand new diapers. If you aren't interested in used or in prefolds and covers, I would check out a rental option for sure.

    It's very easy to diaper cheaply if you prefolds and covers or flats, or a less expensive brand like Alva or Kawaii. I am a hoarder and have a huge OS stash, and we've spent closer to $1K. But I plan to re-use for baby #2, so that makes me feel a little better about it.

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  • Robi1Robi1
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    I probably spent about $200 on NB diapers between a used lot on Craigslist and brand new GMD prefolds and Kawaii P&Ns. I spent around $350 on my OS stash, all new, and probably another $100 or so on accessories - wetbags, creams, snappis, wipes, etc. So maybe $650ish. Should be able to reuse for multiple children and/or resell so I'm convinced we're saving a HUGE amount even if I still buy the occasional new diapers over the months/years. Disposables really are incredibly expensive, and wipes too!

  • I opted to use disposables in the beginning, so I skipped the newborn diaper phase which I totally regret.

    I wanted to say that everything costs more in Canada unfortunately. If you're looking for a newborn stash the most economical option would be finding a local B/S/T group on FB. I know girls on mine are constantly selling their NB diapers for a really good price. The cheapest option in general though for the newborn phase is definitely prefolds and covers.



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  • megpegmegpeg
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    I have Kawaiis and alvas and have spent around $200.
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  • I'm not sure how much I've spent so far or how many I've ordered (more than 10 though and I believe under $150), but I've only bought things on sale & some from Ebay that were inexpensive. I just purchased a lot of 7 Alvas for 20 dollars on Ebay. 
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  • Do your alva's fit? I have read that a lot of alva newborns gap at the legs.
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