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I'm looking for a Mother/Daughter ring or necklace for myself (I'm thinking something with both our birthstones) but I'm not sure where I might find something like that without spending too much. I'm trying to keep it under $75 if possible but would go up to $100 if I had to. Have you already bought something that represents you and your LO? If so, where did you get it?

Also, I would like to find some type of jewelry for LO. I'm not sure if I want a necklace that she can where when she is young (4+) or a birthstone ring I can keep for her until she is ready for it (maybe give it her on her 10 or 13th birthday). I'm just not sure what would be best. For those of you with daughters, have you bought her any type of nice jewelry? I'm just looking for any thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc. I'm not really sure what I want, I need a little inspiration. lol! TIA!

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